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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bathroom De-Cluttering -The kids bathroom

Well I worked on a couple areas in the kids bathroom today. When I went to find dd a hair bow this morning her bathroom drawer was just a mess. All kinds of bows, barrettes, toothbrush, comb, headbands just all mixed together. I always seem to forget to do a before picture, but believe me the drawer was a huge mess.  So I decided that would be a priority today!

I had this little black organizer bin in another drawer, but decided it was needed here. I put her comb and headbands in this. The Girl box Lexi already had. So I used it for pony tail holders.



I bought this 3 drawer thing at BigLots for $3.00 and the basket at Dollar Tree for $1.00


The top drawer contains barrettes, and bobby pins.


Drawer 2 has loose barrettes, and many without mates. (Since dd cannot seem to keep up with these things.)


The bottom drawer has some of her bigger nicer barrette type bows. (And when she gets home tonight hopefully I will find out where the many other nice ones are.)


This basket is for her mirror and for bigger pony tail holders. (Which now that her hair is shorter she doesn't use as much.)


This holds the kids bathroom stuff and is under the sink too. Band Aids, Q tips, itch cream, body sprays, not more tears, extra toothbrushes etc. (Now we can easily find them when needed.)


I must say that it feels great to have it done. I hate not being able to find what I need and then have to get in a hurry because I spend so much time looking for something. Good organization is the key to sanity!