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Friday, July 8, 2011

Caylee -My thoughts

I am surprised how much this issue has touched me. I remember when little Caylee came missing. I began to pray that they would find her. I too thought the nanny had stolen her. So we are all thinking little Caylee has been kidnapped. Later we find out that this is just the beginning of a web of lies her mother would give police.

Many of us watched as the not guilty verdict came back this week. My heart goes out for Cindy and George who are still grieving over their loss. (If only we could say the same for her mother, who never displayed grief.)

We all want to know what happened. I don't believe the defense theory. I cannot logically conclude that George Anthony, a former homicide detective, father, and doting grandfather-would have, or could have had anything to do with "disposing" of her remains or trying to cover anything up. Besides he was a detective, he is smart enough to ditch any duct tape he would use.

Here is what I believe happened. (This is my theory.) I think after Casey left the Anthony home at noon, she drove around or stayed nearby until after George left the house. She may have then returned to the Anthony home and swam with Caylee. (Since there was a report that the pool ladder was down.) I do not believe she drowned. Now if Casey wanted to really murder her daughter the best way would be to let her drown. She would get off on child negligence or some lower charge if any charge at all.

I don't believe she pre-planned to kill Caylee. Casey is selfish, narcissistic, and a proven pathological liar, but it is hard to envision her as a mother who really just wants to purposefully get rid of her daughter.

Casey wanted to be with Tony that evening. Casey thought she could chloroform her daughter and have her sleep while she got some time with her boyfriend, or time to party. (I don't think she intentionally calculated to murder her daughter.) I think that she overdosed her, or put her to sleep in the trunk and then thought she could come back in a few hours and wake her up. When she returns to the trunk, whenever that is little Caylee is deceased. So now Casey is in a panic. She knows that this is murder, and she would be charged as such. What can she do? She has to cover it up.
She goes back to the Anthony house, gets some garbage bags, the laundry bag, and some duct tape. The duct tape is not to keep her from breathing. The prosecution medical examiner said that there is no reason to put duct tape on a dead body, but I beg to differ. The duct tape (3 pieces) is to keep body fluids from coming out of the nose and mouth. She borrows a shovel from the neighbor, planning to perhaps bury her in the back yard. (The reason the cadaver dogs hit in the back yard.) Of course then she thinks, "I can't do this. I will have to dig deep and it will be evident something is buried here, and it will tie me to the incident."

So what we have is child abuse and manslaughter. (Perhaps even involuntary manslaughter.) So she takes the body and dumps it in the swamp area down the road. (We even know when she did it.) One night while she was with her old boyfriend (not Tony) he noticed she slipped out of bed in the middle of the night. This was her opportunity to dump the body.

Now the car stinks, because she has waited so long. So she mentions to a friend that she thinks her dad hit an animal because the car stinks. (Blame someone else.) She ditches the car near a dumpster.

When her mom finally tracks Casey down, she lies to the police. She never comes forward with the truth. If they had discovered the remains early on, they would have known it was no pool accident. 6 months later the remains are found in skeleton form, no cause of death can be found. So she lies again. I keep trying to figure out why she implicated George in the incident. I think because she is used to passing the blame. Her dad was the last one to see little Caylee alive.

The Anthony family on the stand -only serve to totally confuse the jury. So she is acquitted.

At any rate, a little girl is gone. Her parents are still in grief, and will be for years as they watch Casey from a distance. She won't return home to mend this relationship, because she only cares about herself and her ego.

She is in a sad condition, she doesn't know God. She has allowed the devil to lead her down a dark road, but God loves Casey just as much as he loves me. He sent his son to die for her-and for all her sins. She has the opportunity to ask for forgiveness and receive the full blessing of God just like all us other sinners have. Man has a scale on which to rate sins. God does not. Sin is sin, and all sin deserves death. I am just as guilty for my sins as Casey is for hers. The difference is that I have salvation through the Grace of God, Jesus. We can only pray that she could open her heart as well. It is easy to pray for those we like, love. It is hard to pray for those we despise or think low of. She needs God's love, and mercy, she needs a chance to straighten out her life. She has been given a second chance by the jury. I hope all those with signs of hatred and protests will instead pray for this girl. She can be a life that is changed forever by the Grace of God.