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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Decluttering Jewelry

I set out today to purchase some things to help organize areas more. I wanted to get a necklace, earring organizer. (I have a jewelry box but it is very limited in what it can hold as far as earrings. I have had my longer earrings in little trinket boxes in my room. Going out today did not help me find what I needed. So when I got home I googled earring holder. (Of course it came up with some stuff on Amazon, etc. But then a video appeared showing how to make one at home (cheap). So I had to see it.

The link to the video is below. There are other ideas just using those mesh organizers you get at office supply stores. But I had everything I needed for this.

Here is the one I did today. And of course since there is so much extra room I need to buy some more earrings. LOL

I just draped the necklaces over for now. I need to work on another solution for those. I have  two adhesive hook hangers in my closet, but they are getting filled.


Next on my list is this purse mess at the top of my closet! If you have ideas leave me a comment.