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Monday, July 11, 2011

Easing back into school

Today we began easing back into school. I thought that doing a little this week would get them back into the school mindset. The next two weeks the kids will be at camps. Arts Camp the first week and Science camp the 2nd week. These were opportunities that came up in our community and I wanted the kids to be able to benefit from them. So we will start our new unit study the first week of August.

So today we began:

Family Devotions (More Dangerous Devotions- Lessons from the Old Testament.)

Caution: More Dangerous Devotions


Vocabulary Cartoons (We just read 1 or 2 words a day.)

Vocabulary Cartoons: Word Power Made Easy

Explorer personal Bible Studies

This is the one Ds is working on.

Bible Discovery: In The Beginning (Genesis), Student Workbook   -

This is the one Dd will be working in.

Jesus, My Shepherd--Explorer's Bible Study for Young Readers, Beginnings II        -

Funtastic Spelling (Each child wrote their words on cards to use in games throughout the week.)

They will be using this alongside our unit study words. (Which is 5 words a week.)

Dd is in book 1, Ds is in book 2.

Funtastic Spelling,

Hands on Dice Math -for Mental Math. We worked on Levels 1-3

Level 1 Grouping Dice into groups of 10.

Level 2 adding 2 dice

Level 3 Rolling dice and adding each one as you continue to roll one at a time. (Building memory and mental math.)


Ds began "Latin's Not so Tough Book 1"

Latin Level One Student Workbook