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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun Schooling

Well one thing I wanted to change this year -was to add in more learning games.

Today we played Jail House. It is a game to help with spelling. (And it came in the Funtastic Spelling Book we are using.)

On Mondays the kids write their spelling words on 2x3 cards. Then they can use them for games during the week. This is one of the 3 different spelling games we have.

You can vary the game. Today I allowed them to look at the word, say it and turn it over. Then they had to spell it from memory. If they got it correct they stayed where they were. If they missed it, they moved up 1 step closer to the jail. Both did very well. Only Lexi went up 1 stair. Neither ended up in Jail. The next time we play they will call words out to each other instead of looking at the word. (This will help them progress in learning to spell the word.) First they become familiar with seeing the word and they also learn to sound the word out. (They also have some puzzles activities they do each day to reinforce learning to spell. )