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Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Jewelry organization

Well I began just trying to get a few earrings organized and then decided I needed all my costume jewelry organized. I wish I had more space inside my closet to put it all, But since I don't, I decorated around the closet. (We will see what dh says when he gets home from the fishing tournament.)

This is the earring holder I made from a box top and nylon. Of course it doesn't work with earrings that have short backs.


So I googled this idea. (Youtube.) This is just cross stitch plastic I had laying around.

I thumb tacked the top corners. To get the earring on or off you just lift it up and remove the back and hold on to the front.

As you can see I have plenty of room for more of these type of earrings too. The necklaces above are just hung on clear thumb tacks.


I wanted to put necklaces here but did not want 20 thumb tack holes in the wall. So I just tacked up a ribbon.

These necklaces all have clasps so they can be taken off and put back on easily.


6 more clear tacks to hold these necklaces. I have to admit, It is much easier now to find the necklace I want. Before I had to dig through drawers, and one peg I had in the closet. I even found some I hadn't seen in a while.