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Monday, July 18, 2011

Spelling Game

This spelling game came in the Funtastic Spelling Books I got this year. Each book has a spelling list for the week.

On day 1 you write the words on a 2x3 card. Then you play games during the week. Other activities include alphabetizing the words, filling in blanks etc.

Instead of testing the kids with a traditional test, we play games. This is the final game we played this week. The first game, (Jailhouse) I let them look at the word card, say it, turn it over and spell it. Today I called the words out to them, they earned $1 in play money when they got it correct and had to pay $1 when they missed it. They also have bonus word spots on them. These words pay more depending upon how hard they are. These bonus words are common words like days of the week, months of the year, and other high frequency words.

The kids really like this better than a traditional spelling test. I plan to vary this all a little when we start our next spelling list. I will pre-test the kids on the word list. (Any they get correct on day 1, they will not have to work on during the week.) They will also have 5 words a week from the unit study to add to their spelling list.