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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spiritual Warfare-(Notes) Sin, Self and Satan

So which one is causing all the problems? Maybe only 1 of these factors, maybe two or perhaps all three have a role. We need God to show us.

The self life-this is the natural man-the part of us that is not yet controlled by the Spirit of God. It includes our reasoning, emotions, and the physical body itself. (paraphrased) The unbeliever functions on the level of natural man, while the believer has the Holy Spirit and learns to "put off our old self". Sanctification takes time.

The pervasive power of sin-a spiritual dynamic present in human nature-but distinct from human nature.

Paul talks about this war within-Romans 7:15 I do not do what I want to do -it is sin at work within me. Where the Christian desires to delight in God's law-sin in us wars against God's law.

Satan-true demonic activity or oppression at work.

When faced with suffering of any sort, we must be aware that symptoms may be rooted in any one of a number of potential causes or combination of causes.