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Thursday, August 18, 2011

15 Years of Marriage and a Covenant of Salt.


Today, Gary and I celebrate 15 years of marriage. When we became engaged (2 weeks before we got married), Gary brought me these dolls. Raggedy Ann and Andy. (There is a long story here about Raggedy, but just to make it short-the doll had sentimental value to me-I had lost one when I was young, and had always wanted another, but had never gotten it.) So Gary went out and got me a Raggedy doll and an Andy doll to join her. The pouches-were to be part of a covenant we would establish. Gary told me about the salt covenant. Both parties in the covenant have salt, they mix the salt together and pour the salt in each pouch to keep as a symbol of the covenant. Just like you cannot separate your grains of salt from your covenant partners' salt-the covenant cannot be broken. You cannot separate the grains of salt, or the marriage covenant. The covenant signifies, unity, trust, commitment, purity, honesty, and that we no longer live just for ourselves, but for each other and for Christ.

So each pouch contains "our salt "- "my salt " mixed with "his salt." Raggedy and Andy sit in my hutch in my foyer. Right beside them is our cake topper.

This week I have really been thinking about this-remembering our covenant, remembering our vows-our commitment before God, and wedding ceremony-and thanking God for the journey he has led us on and for staying in our midst, for blessing our marriage, and family.

So for a token gift this anniversary. I got a small jar and placed salt in it. I took a little salt from each pouch and mixed it into the larger jar, and then placed our wedding picture on a tag along with some sayings.

I also got the opportunity to explain it to Lexi- as she wondered why I was making this gift for our anniversary.


(For more information on what a salt covenant is you can see these links below. )

Here is the beautiful rose bouquet Gary got me.