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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Report helps

This week both of the kids had an assignment to write a report on a New World Explorer. We are only in week 2 of our unit, so this was a pretty rude awakening for the kids.  Ds does a great job doing oral reports and will go on and on about the book, but getting all that on paper in an organized way -is another story.

Dd only had to write a 2 paragraph report. But ds was required a full page report. (This was suggested by the curriculum we are using.) CNS America Unit study.

The writer of the unit study did break the "how" down into more manageable tasks, but I knew ds needed it broken down more. Yesterday they were supposed to write down 5 main ideas. Then today they were to write 5 topic sentences. So yesterday I worked with dd on writing her first paragraph. We read the book together, then she narrated back to me what she learned and I helped her get it on paper. Ds wrote 5 sentences yesterday, today we put them in order. Then we added supporting details to two of the sentences and got 2 paragraphs on paper. He writes so big and double spaces. So his 1 page report is already 2 pages thus far. I am sure his dad will be impressed.

Today I found some tools I plan to use in the future. One was a note taking form that can be used while you are reading a book, another one is a chapter form. On the chapter form you list main ideas from each chapter. I think these tools will be a big help in the future as I get both of them more accustomed to doing book reports.

Here is the link to the chapter book sheet. (You will see it on the page, when you click on it, you can download it.)

This form ... se%20G.pdf is great for a short report. If you just want a beginning, middle and ending. (It worked out well for the kids, and they weren't complaining too much.) Well ds was about having to draw. (He wanted to find pics to paste.) I decided I would help him a little.