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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Language Arts -diagramming sentences with grammar cards.

Language Arts-we are reviewing Subject and Predicate and parts of speech.

Our America Unit study includes grammar cards. (I really like this concept and you can easily make these yourself.)

Today the assignment was to write some sentences (after determining which sentences were complete and incomplete.) So I had each child write 3 of the sentences from the book  we are reading. They wrote them on index cards. Placing on word on each card. (I cut the cards in 1/2 in order to make them go further.)

Then each child determined the subject, predicate, nouns, articles, verb, etc. (The subject and predicate cards are placed over the parts of the sentence. (The colored cards for parts of the sentence are placed below. A brown card is placed under words we haven't learned about yet.) So if the word is a preposition or adjective, etc. they would just place a brown card under it.) As we go along their will be less brown cards, and more colored cards. We also went over the type of noun the words were. (Pronoun, Proper Noun, common, or abstract.)




I really think doing this on a larger scale like this really helps dd. (Instead of writing the sentences on paper, and then diagramming or labeling them-the large visual nature of this is beneficial.)

Both of the kids get plenty of practice in (copy-work anyway), with writing a bible memory verse each week and doing Queens Language Lessons each day.  I am really happy that ds has stepped up and has begun to write his Queens copy-work in cursive. (I told him if he did so, he would not have to do a page of cursive that day.) He still has to refer to the capital letters though.

We added in Queens Language Lessons last week. I really like them, and I like having 2 curriculums to chose from. If I feel that the unit study is too intense -I don't feel so pressured. I know they are getting great things from Queens and anything we add in from the unit study is like extra icing on the cake.