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Monday, August 1, 2011

A place for purses-and closet organization.


Evidently in Tennessee our closet qualifies as a "walk in closet". Well I would say that it is a "step in closet". Since you can take one step in, and then back out. You really don't get to walk around much. I do keep a little wooden stool in it, so that I can access the things I need. Anyway, making the most of the space is necessary. We have a home that was built in the 80's and I guess people back then did not feel the need for large closets-the kind you see today. (One thing that is really hard to add later-is a closet, another is a pantry.) Both of which we lack.

This is what my purses/bags looked like. It was hard sifting through to find the one I needed. And of course when I would pull one down they would all come tumbling down on my head.


I went to the store to find some kind of shelf or hooks or something. Hooks I reasoned would be hard to reach, bags that have longer straps would be harder to contain. So I really thought some type of shelf might be best. I couldn't find a shelf cheap enough. So I found these crates for $3.30 each. They give me double stacking room. I stuffed some Walmart type plastic bags in each purse to give it a little shape, so it could stand up a little. BTW how many purses is too many?


I also got one extra crate for the floor for Gary's shoes. (Not that he really needs them since his shoes are mostly in the basement. (Where he comes in and out.) But I retrieved the ones I knew I did not want the dog to chew on and put them in here for safe keeping.

Gary says I have too many shoes. So how many is too many. Of course I reasoned with him today...Lexi is almost in the same shoe size as me. So once she can fit in some of these shoes she can use them too. Plus my feet are not growing any more. Ah, but really I do have a few favorite pairs. Many I just need to give away, I just can't bring my self to do it yet. I know as soon as I do, I will need them.


We generally pull out our seasonal clothes and bring them up. When the seasons change we have a larger walk in spare closet in the basement that holds the things we are not wearing for now.



So how many shoes is too many? I hate to mention that my fall shoes are put away in a tub. I usually switch those out after summer and put all the flops and sandals up.