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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Large Time at the Lake

Today we took the kids and Dixie out to the lake. We went to one of the many islands. This would give the kids a good beach to play on and room to explore. Dixie wouldn't get lost since she was surrounded by water on every side.


The kids had a great time swimming. We all spent time exploring the island.


This was another smaller island. I tried to get Gary to swim out to it, so I could get a picture, but he wouldn't.




I thought this tree was really cool. There are times when much of this island is underwater, so parts of this tree would be underwater at times. (Actually about a month ago, before they began to lower the lake level.)


Dixie went crazy. She was so excited from the minute we got in the truck, then in the boat, she just had to be all over to look around. She ran all over the island, like she had never been let loose before. She ran into the water and out again.



She finally ventured out deeper and went for a swim.


The side stroke and doggie paddle.


Gary and the kids walked out on a shale shelf. They walked out about 1/2 a mile and they were still on the shelf. I had to use my 20X zoom to get these shots. (Of course when Gary got back he said I should have taken at least 1 not zoomed so you could see how far out they were.) But then you wouldn't know who they were, lol.




We really had a great family day spending time together. All but Dixie. I think all the excitement got to her. She gave the term sick as a dog -new meaning today. She got boat sick, then once we got home she continued to throw up for hours. She is just laying around looking green. I feel so awful for her. I think it was all just too much fun and excitement for her.

(On the bright side, I didn't get sick.) And many times I do get boat sick. I was even worried I might without my Dramamine today.