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Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 6 America Study

This week we began with a field trip to Rocky Mount where we learned much about the 1700's in America.

In Science we learned that surface currents are caused by winds and tides, and deep ocean currents are caused by the changes in water temperature from the poles to the equator and back, and also by the amount of salt in the ocean.

For History and Reading/Literature -Peyton is reading "The Light in the Forest."

Lexi is reading "The Courage of Sarah Noble."

The Courage of Sarah Noble/Newbery Summer

We are listening to "The Sign of the Beaver" on audio. These books focus on Indian-white settler relations.

The Sign of the Beaver

In Language Arts, Peyton had to finish a limerick and then also write one of his own.

This one he had to finish: The first line was supplied, the words in italics are what he added.

There was a small lady from Trent,

who got in her door a small dent,

when she stooped down to look,

she fell down and shook,

and when she awoke it was lent.

Here is the limerick he wrote by himself-with a little help from me in finding rhyming words.

There once was a boy who had brains,

Who went out to play in the rain,

Then along came a truck,

That splashed him with muck,

But it all got rinsed down the drain.

He has also been working on capitalization rules, and finding errors in text.

Lexi has been copying a poem "These are the Days When Birds Come Back" by Emily Dickenson

Together in our unit study we are working on identifying prepositions, and reviewing nouns, verbs, and articles.

Lexi finished up her modern cursive book this week. So she will be starting another one that I did not make Peyton finish. I gave him the option to complete his LA work in cursive instead if he did not want to do additional copywork.

In math Peyton is working on Book 2 Key To Fractions. (Multiplying and Dividing Fractions.) Lexi has been working on 2 and 3 digit multiplication by 1 digit. She has been having a rough time. Sometimes she multiplies wrong, other times she carries incorrectly. (Carrying the wrong number, and also adding in the carry incorrectly.) So I can tell we will be spending time here.

In Bible they are both memorizing their portions daily for Junior Bible Quiz. They are quizzed on questions of bible knowledge, they also have to memorize scriptures, and learn what the books of the bible are about. They have a schedule daily M-F of which questions they need to go over and learn the answers to. Then on Sundays they practice Bible Drill at church.

Peyton is continuing his Latin and has completed over 1/2 of level 1. (So maybe he will manage to get in all 3 levels this year.)

On Wednesday, we took a day off to go to DollyWood with friends. We had a great time, there were very few people and hardly any children on rides since school is back in. So us homeschoolers had the place almost to ourselves. No lines for any ride.

The shooting Star


Adventure Mountain


Bumper Cars