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Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

This week we had roofers working at our house. So we have had to try to do school around a lot more noise than usual. I am very happy though that they are here. A friend referred this company and I am really happy with them.

We are getting new shingles (due to wind and hail damage.) So while we were at it, we figured this would be a good time to add a roof over our deck. (I wanted a metal roof, Gary wanted the architectural shingles-so we compromised. We got shingles on the house and we are adding a metal roof to the deck.

This is the view from downstairs. The deck is over the walk out basement.


The white that you see on the deck is primer. The paint job we had done last year, peeled, so we now have part of the deck painted with a primer. When we get the roof on we will get the rest painted with primer, and then will paint it in the spring.


In our Home schooling, this week we finished week 6 in our America Unit Study. Here are some of the things we learned.


We learned about glaciers and added them to our geography notebooks.


For Geography we also learned the terms: cave, and  palisade and added those to our notebooks.

Peyton read The Light in the Forest-he finished up the book today and wrote a report on it. Lexi read and finished The Courage of Sarah Noble and wrote a report on it. They are listening to Sign of the Beaver on Audio.

Today we began Johnny Tremain. Peyton will begin Hostage on the Nighthawk (which was put on hold because he started the other book.) Lexi will begin Kaya.

In Language Arts, Peyton wrote another Limmerick, we studied prepositions and figurative speech. We added information and examples of figurative language to our Grammar rules and definitions notebook.


We also began Poetry notebooks:

We copied a poem and Lexi even illustrated hers.



For History we learned about life in the 1700's, about white and Indian relationships, about prejudice. Today we began a colonial life notebook. Where we cut and pasted some pictures of clothing worn then.



For Bible we have been learning about the children of Israel and they are getting ready to enter the promised land. We are learning about Joshua in More Dangerous Devotions.

Math-Lexi is on 2 digit multiplication with regrouping, and Peyton is in book 2 of Key To Fractions.

I am also in a Bible study on Wednesday nights :Beth Moore- Here and Now, There and Then (Revelation study.)