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Friday, October 7, 2011

4H Birdhouse

This was Dd's first birdhouse. She made it for 4H. The only thing we really helped with was cutting the hole in the milk carton.

First she spray painted the carton black.

She gather twigs and then cut them the same size with pruning shears.


After she had cut 100 sticks she began to hot glue them onto the carton.


We cut a little flap at the bottom so it could easily be opened and cleaned. She just put a rubber band around the bottom to hold it closed.


She put a little bird sticker on the top. Dad helped her run the down through the top, where we will attach a string to hang it.


Then she glued on some moss.


We entered it in our club contest today under recycled materials, and she won a purple ribbon for 1st place. She was very happy!

I plan to hang it on our deck!