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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Homeschool Update

I forgot to update last week.

So this is just a generalization of what we have been covering. This is considered week 8 in our first unit study series this year. (We have 2 more weeks, and then 1 for review.)

In Science we are learning about Plankton (Zooplankton and Phytoplankton), also about Nekton and Bethos. (Groups of animals.)

We have been reading a chapter a day of Johnny Tremain. (These are long chapters, so I was really glad to get the audio version today from the library.) We are also reading The Matchlock Gun, we have read that before a couple years ago, but Lexi really doesn't remember it well. Her daily work is usually centered around this book, while Peyton's is centered around Johnny Tremain. We read about Johnny helping throw tea overboard during the Boston Tea party.

We are also reading through The Light and the Glory for Children today we finished up chapter 11-No King But King Jesus.

The kids are reviewing for Jr. Bible Quiz this week. They have really been doing well. Unfortunately they will have to miss the first meet which is this coming Saturday morning. They both have morning Football games and it is Homecoming week.

In History we have been adding to our Colonial Booklet-we added in occupations, and money.

In Math Peyton has been working on simplifying fractions (review) in Key to Fractions book 2. Lexi has been working on addition review this week, tomorrow she will review multiplication.