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Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Week 10

We have had a busy week this week.

We began the week with 4H Time Traveler Activities.
(This is a group where we learn about history and different things like that.)

We learned about all different types of apples.
Then in the afternoon we took a walking tour of a nearby town.

That is where I captured this picture and decided to digi scrap it.
(This is using free elements from Shabby Princess.)
We began reading A Cabin Faced West and read chapters 1-5 this week. We finished chapter 14 of The Light and the Glory for Children. This is our last regular week. Next week will be a review week to review the previous 1 weeks.


Peyton is almost finished with Key to Fractions Book 2.
Lexi is managing in MUS Gamma on Lesson 25.

Peyton finished his second quiz on Latin book 2 and scored 100.