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Monday, November 7, 2011

4H -November

Posters were due for our regular monthly meeting. This is Lexi's poster.


This is Peyton's poster. Since the kids are not much on drawing, or at least they don't feel talented in drawing, they did it sort of scrapbook style. Adding word art,  and clip art. Lexi used heart punches to make the shamrocks.



Our 4H group also has a history sub group called Time Travelers. We are learning about Tennessee History and our family histories. So this month's assignment was to do an interpretive speech of a famous Tennesseean.

Libby, one of our friends, was Dolly Parton. She was so cute.


Tommy was Jack Hanna.


Lexi was Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. This was her first ever public speech, and she did very well with just having a note card to go by.


Peyton was Mack Brown. Peyton did good too, he did it interview style, so I asked questions and he answered them.