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Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Buddy

This week we had to put our schnauzer, Buddy, to sleep. He was 13 1/2. It was hard to do. He was very special to me. My husband got him for me after a miscarriage, and he became my comfort. a year later I experience another miscarriage-losing a twin pregnancy. I was heartbroken. Buddy was like a baby to me then.

Two years later God blessed us with our son, Peyton. He was born on the same day as Buddy exactly two years later. (It was like God was saying I gave you Buddy until Peyton came along. )

Buddy loved car rides, and to go fishing with us. He loved to swim and would often jump out of the boat to cool off. He used to love to play ball when he was young. I will miss him dearly. We have all shed tears this week, he is missed here at home. I thank God, though for the gift of Buddy. If dogs do get to go to heaven, I know Buddy will be there.
He was a great companion and friend.