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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Texas Thanksgiving

We went to Texas for Thanksgiving to visit with family and friends. We really enjoyed our visit. The weather was mild, not too hot, not too cold. We ate way too much. (This week we are on diets, trying to shed the extra pounds we put on.) LOL

Jessica, my stepdaughter and her husband Kyle. (They are expecting in late January) She looks great!


Arielle, and Jaden (Peyton and Lexi's 2nd cousin)


Peyton and Tyler (another 2nd cousin) playing video games.


Gary's sister, Sandy


Sandy's dog, Gigi.



Lexi with my 2nd cousins (John Paul's girls) which makes the girls 3rd cousins.


Playing Hand and Foot



My great Aunt Ella and the kids. We played Hand and Foot with her too. Ella and I beat Mom and Gary 2 times, they won once.

My mom and her cousin Glenn, who is also my 2nd cousin and the kids 3rd cousin.


At Uncle Jerry and Aunt Lanna's house. Roasting Weenies, watching movies on the big screen projector outside.


Tina and her children. Tina is the kids cousin and her children are their 2nd cousins.

(Tara, Philip and Alexis.)

Peyton and Lexi with Jaden and Austin (2nd cousins)

Gary and I took mom and Ella to eat at our favorite taco place-Amayas. We were happy to see they have moved into a much nicer, bigger place now.