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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anticipation and the week before Christmas.

Here are some pics I took of the kids on Monday. We went shopping at BPS for dad. (Sshh!) He isn't supposed to know. Good thing he doesn't read the blog, and isn't on FB.




I am calling this picture...."Wishful Thinking".


I got a virus, my throat has been hurting really bad ever since Saturday night. So by Monday morning it was hurting so much, I knew it had to be Strep throat. I haven't had it in years, but remember the pain associated with it.

So I go to the Dr. only to discover it is not actually Strep, but a virus. Unfortunately it hurts like Strep, but there is no z-pack or shot that will make you feel much better in 24-48 hours. Instead this virus runs a 5-7 day course.

So I go ahead and opt for the gargle that is supposed to help your throat. (Since I am in dire straights.) And this stuff is like a Pepto bismal consistancy with a hint of orajel type stuff. So it feels like you are gargling pepto. (Then your mouth and throat get a little numb.) While the taste is terrible. (It actually does bring some relief for a full 20 minutes.) I am also supposed to gargle with salt water. (And I am eating Tylenol as often as I can. I have a little tickling type cough-that really hurts when I do cough, so I try not to.

Anyway I hope that I will feel my old self soon. Today was a little better than yesterday.

The kids have done well getting their work done very independently this week. I have had to help a little in math, read over a story Peyton had to write and read 2 chapters out loud today. (That was rough.) But other than that, they have been on task, and have allowed me to rest and sleep in when necessary.