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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Digital Photography School-Assignment

I recently joined a Digital Photography School's forum. They have weekly assignments -that are optional. They allow you to try to work on photographing things, etc. They choose winners after each one.

Well, not that I think I would win, since I am one of the ametures on the board, there are many professional photographers on the forum.

Anyway this week's assignment was to choose a Beetle Song title, take a picture that could be the album cover.
I only had a few hours because the assignment closed early this morning. (And I only found the forum last night.)
Also you couldn't use an old picture. You had to take it within certain date parameters.

So after thinking a bit, I listed to a few songs. I really liked Octopus's garden. I also knew one of my kids had a stuffed octopus. So I took it outide and placed it in my pansy planter. Here is the picture.

Of course, I realize how lame it looks, so in photobucket-I played around with the editing. I clicked on the invert button and it produced the inverted color image. Which I liked better. So I submitted it.


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