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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Living Christmas Tree

This past Saturday we went to "The Living Christmas Tree". It is a musical/play production. Probably the best one I have ever seen at Christmas. Anyway here are some pics I managed to capture. (And I will add, it wasn't easy.) We were sitting very high up, so high it troubled my stomach. The seating was very slanted. But anyway I zoomed in trying to capture the screen, some parts are blown out,  not sure how I could have helped that though, since I was at the lowest fstop this camera could go.



This was a cool scene with the angels ascending up into the air at the birth of Jesus.



They had real camels (That carried the kings.)


This was the picture/climax of the show. It is blown out because the lighting was off, you can't see the baby in Mary's arms.

But the 3 kings-show up with all their entourage, their servants, their gifts etc. (And they all fall down and worship Jesus.) I was in AWE!