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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Out for a walk

Today dd and I went out for a walk. Of course Dixie wanted to come along. So dd let her ride in the stroller.

I took my camera with me, thinking I might capture some shots-maybe I would see things-I don't normally see.
Nothing really spectacular about any of the images. Just things I am working on. Looking for neat things.

I saw this snowflake (dd hung in a tree.) I just now noticed it. (Guess it wasn't very noticeable when the leaves were out.)
Anyway I was able to catch a little reflection from the sun on the flake.

Dixie saw a couple squirrels-she really wanted us to let her chanse them.

Here you can see her captivated. (And me and dd's shadows.)

I was in awe of how many pine cones this tree has. Wow!

Tried to capture the sunlight (where it would look like a star.)
This is something I am working on trying to figure out.)

More of those pine cones .

Oh say, can you see?

Forgotten, but there when you need it.

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