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Monday, February 28, 2011

Skeletal System Analyzing a chicken bone

Well I must admit, I was surprised how at how squeamish the kids were over having to
handle these chicken bones. (And they had rubber gloves.)

We looked at the bones, then we filled out our Scientific Speculation Sheet on what we
thought would happen in our experiment.

In the first canister we put a chicken bone in white vinegar. The other canister we placed a bone in water.

We will find out Wednesday if our hypothesis was correct.

Another No Sew Fleece

After we had made 2 blankets for the "Kids in Crisis", Lexi wanted one too.
So this weekend we found a kit on sale at JoAnns. It really isn't anything special.
It just has 2 pieces of fleece already cut to certain dimensions. You still have to do
all the cutting etc. But we did save quite a bit, finding it on sale.

I just love the bright colors.

No sew blankets

This was the 2nd blanket we made for the "Kids in Crisis" as part of the Women's Outreach ministry in our church.

Peyton picked out the football fleece and we found a grey background for it.
Lexi was sweet enough to help him tie it.

I know that some little boy will love this.

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. We are on lesson 3 in our Anatomy book. The Muscular System
2. It is raining like crazy here today.
3. We have a field trip this week.
4. Schnitzel and German Fried potatoes tonight for dinner. (Our weed with Germany.)
5. The kids have their first Jr. Bible Quiz Meet this Saturday.
6. My craft room is clean and so is the house! Yeah
7. My cold/sinus thing is gone, I am feeling much better. Continuing on meds though. (My voice is back.)
8. We are still memorizing 1 Corinthians 13. (I am beginning to think it may take 2 months.) LOL

Friday, February 25, 2011

Copywork, and spelling

I ran across this website and am using it for copywork and also for spelling words.
I am also using Phonics pathways and another website for phonics instruction.
I wanted to take a different approach rather than just random word lists.
So we will pay attention to phonics rules and work on words that correlate to her reader as well.

This week dd will be working on ai/ a silent 2 homonyms and will continue working on
Dolch Site words book.

I made one cursive page with the words.
sale, sail
pale, pail
tale, tail
made, maid
pane, pain
pale, pail

The first day I read the words to her and explained each word. Then I had her trace them.
2nd day (I made a sentence with each word so that it was placed in context.) She traced them.
3rd day She will draw a picture of each word, and write the sentence below the traced sentence.
day 4 She will retrace the words, and I will drill her a bit on the spellings.

We are also going over sight word list 3. She was able to read them all, she missed spelling 4 of them, so we will keep going over them until she has mastered them.

She traced each word twice, and wrote it once. All on different days.

She traced 1/2 of the sentences one day. The other half the next day.
Then another day she copied half of the sentences, and the last day she copied the other half.
As she copied sentences she drew a picture of the word. So when she wrote the sentence
for sail. She would draw a picture above that word. This way it would correlate in her mind.

I am happy to say that today she aced the spelling quiz,
and was able to spell all the words correctly.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was rough, I did not feel well due to a sinus infection. Last Friday night my
throat started hurting. I was real stuffy that night, the next morning, my voice was gone.
My throat was hurting a lot and I continued to be stuffy and just exhausted.
This kept on until Tuesday morning when I woke up and my glands under my jaw were
swollen to golf ball size. (No kidding.) I called and made an appointment to see the Dr.

She prescribed Amoxicillin and a nasal spray (steriod). Wednesday morning I was feeling
better. Even though I was still very tired. Today was better, and I am not as tired.

So it was hard doing read alouds, and well we just skipped singing. (The kids couldn't stand
even the thought of it.)

I was really hoping to feel better because there was so much I wanted to do with Germany.
Anyway we have really enjoyed our week learning about the country, the people, the food, etc.

Lexi completed MUS lesson 21, she did the review test 1-20. She is also working on x tables in general-before we move on.
She has been working on some homonym spelling words. She wrote the words, drew pictures of them, and copied sentences with them.
She is working on Sight Words list 3. She can read them, we are working on spelling them all.
She is on lesson 3 in her reader.

Peyton is:
Working on Lifepac 505. This week has been analyzing the story "The Sword and the Stone".
Finding the main idea, making inferences, summarizing in a paragraph.
In math he has been reviewing fractions, multiplication and division.

Next week we will be study Anatomy the Muscular system

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Germany -Learning about Einstein and Fairy Tales

As part of our study on Germany, I thought it
was a great time to learn a little about Albert Einstein.

We read these two books about Einstein.
We learned a little about his childhood and life.

DD colored the flag of Germany.

Ds did the map work.
The foods of Germany, mini books on Albert's childhood and
his theory of relativity.
Mini book of Customs that came from Germany
3 B's- Bach, Brahm and Beethoven and notes
on Einstein's accomplishments.
Dd's drawing of a Birthday Cake and Christmas Tree-customs
that came from Germany.
DD's drawing of Albert.
I can hear her now telling her brother "Don't act like
Einstein." when he is mean to her. lol
We finished up today by reading Hansel and Gretal and
The Seven Swans, the first we were familiar with, but
I had never heard the second one before.


During our study of Germany we listened to some songs.
This one is the numbers song. I really liked it, the children can echo the numbers.

This is the Song of Germany with some beautiful scenery.

We also looked online for the Fairy Tale Route. This is a route (for tourism) in Germany. While the brothers Grimm were collecting their stories this was the road they traveled. Many of the stories came from people in those areas. The Grimms' collected them and put them in print. I think it would be really cool to be able to travel that route some day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Human Anatomy Lesson 2 The Skeletal System

Our 2nd group learning adventure in Human Anatomy.
For our Skeletal System Study we played Simon Says
"Touch your _______ bone."

We went through the different bones we learned.

Then we did one of the "Try This" lessons from the week.
Each child made one clay person.

One adult (Me) decided to get in on the fun.

We tried to make them stand up, but they couldn't. Just like

we couldn't if we did not have bones.
With toothpicks added. The clay figure has more form and can stand easier.
Well it needed a little help to stay up.
This one stayed standing about 10 seconds.
This one had many back reinforcements, even with the toothpics added.
This one was doing the splits. (Can you tell a gymnast made it?)
So today I had dd and ds record what they did and what they learned.
Ds said he learned "Toothpicks make pretty good bones for clay people."

Dd said she learned that "toothpick bones break much easier than real human bones.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Netflix Pics

Well we finally decided to try Netflix. I must admit that I am really liking it so far.

Last night we watched "My Dog Skip" We loved this show. Heartwarming.

Others under family and children
Veggie Tales
A Little Princess

Drama and Action
The Saint

One we didn't like Time Bandits (We turned it off after 20 minutes.)
The accents were so bad we couldn't even understand what they were saying.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kids Love Spanish Giveaway

Kelly is giving away a copy of DVD 7 on her blog.
Click here for more information on how to enter.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Here are the books I got for our Germany study.

We will be exploring some of the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales.

I even got Grimms Complete Fairy Tales. I cannot believe how many there are.
730 pages worth and most I have never even heard of.
In fact I think I could only recognize about 6 of them.
See how thick it is. Guess we won't be reading all this.
Also the illustrations in this book are lacking. I must say
that even I prefer an excellently illustrated book.
I did also notice some differences. I ordered some of
the re-tellings and they even changed the night chant of
Rumpelstillskin. There were other slight variations too.
So the children were able to see both and analyze them.
They both preferred the new, better illustrated story.

We read "The Gift", a nice book about a girl who is given a 5 piece for Hanukkuh
and she decides to give it to a homeless musician instead of spending it on herself.

We learned today about the 3 B's of Germany.
The Famous Musicians-
"Bach, Beethoven and Brahms."
We will be reading more about Bach.
(We did Beethoven during our Austria study.)

And we will be learning about Albert Einstein.

I will also have "Odd Boy Out"-another book
about the life of Einstein.
This will be a great tie in, because the other day
some older kid (Youth) told ds he was a genius.
Ds has been bragging all week about the fact that
an older boy said he was a genius.

Anatomy Lesson 2 The Skeletal System

Here are some pictures of our week with Anatomy Lesson 2 The Skeletal System.
I am learning so much and I must say the more I learn the more I am in AWE of our
Father and Creator God! He is so incredibly awesome!
We are truly, fearfully and wonderfully made!

Playing Operation just for fun.

Extra book reads this week. The kids loved "Dem Bones" It is in song style. Great
pictures too. In the book :The Headbone is connected to the Neck Bone, we learned about
the elephant man. They mention that from his bones they were able to tell that he did not
have Elephantitis as originally thought, but instead another rare disease.
They really thought it was sad how he was treated etc.
Some of our lapbook/notebook components from the week.
Lexi's mini book.

Naming some bones, Lexi's Jr. Anatomy Journal.
Ds' copywork.
DS labeling the skeleton.
Ds written narration.
Adding the bones to the Person Project.
Dd's Written narration.