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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 more Weeks of School

Well I have to admit, I am ready for our homeschooling year to end. Luckily I always accomplish a lot in the fall. The winter/spring semester is always harder. (Especially when the weather turns beautiful.) I just don't have the same fuel to run at the same pace.

So I try to plan accordingly for this, knowing my tendencies.

Our plans for the last few weeks are:

This week-Africa

Next week-May 2-Lesson 7 Anatomy- The Blood

May 9th-13th South America

May 16-20 Anatomy Lesson 8 The Cardiovascular system.

Then we will take off 6-8 weeks. Depending upon how long it takes me to figure out our curriculum needs for next year.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Respiratory System Group Activities

This week we met for our Anatomy Group activities.

The first experiment we did was to each blow up a balloon as much as we could with one breath. Then we measured the balloon to see how big it got. It was a fun contest.


The next experiment, I took 2 glasses of water and dissolved a tums in each glass. Then we blew into one of the glasses with a straw. As the carbon monoxide mixed with the tums it made the water turn more white and chalky. (It wasn't a big difference, but was enough to notice.)


Then we did a little experiment to show that the nose, mouth, lungs and ears are all connected through tubes and cavities.

You can breathe in and out of your nose.

You can breath in your nose and out your mouth and vise versa.

You can breath in and out of your mouth.

You can breathe in your mouth and then swallow the breath.

You can hold your nose and swallow, (which will sort of pop your ears.)
Then you can yawn to make them un-pop.

After this we watched Rock N Learn DVD (Human Body ) We watched the respiratory system portion.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

We began our day by going to church. Gary and I taught Jr. Church this morning. I crockpotted a turkey loin while we were in church.So once we got home I just added some brown and wild rice, black eye peas, steamed brocoli and rolls.

Here is a picture of the kids with their Easter Basket. (Lexi got the bonnett in the basket as well.)


Gary mowed in the afternoon and I decided to just take a day and rest. Not doing much additional work for a change. It was a nice, needed break.

He is risen!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The proof that he loves us! Love is a choice, love is an action. Not just a feeling! If we love him, we will obey him.

Highlights from the week

Last Saturday Gary was in a tournament. He caught this 40 pound striper. So he had a great day even though they did not win or place in the tournament.

 fishing 008-1

Monday we began our unit on the respiratory system. Monday night I got some great deals on curriculum and books at a curriculum sale.


Tuesday we had hobby hall in the afternoon. I made these cards. (I am trying to make up some cards for some Pay it forward RAK's I promised.)





Wednesday night Gary took me to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Beethoven's Last Night.  This was definitely the highlight of my whole week. We got a sitter for the kids. We went out to eat at Calhouns on the River and then to the concert. It was the best concert I ever attended, with a laser light show, fog and fire and all! I hope to be able to see them again in the future! Here is my souvenir t-shirt.


Thursday I captured this picture of a male and female cardinal on one of our trees. I just love watching the birds at the feeders in our yard. This year I have especially seen many different kinds. I have a suet feeder, a large double feeder and a small feeder/birdhouse.

So we have plenty of birds visiting the feeders, on the ground under the feeders. (Oh and squirrels too.)


Friday we finished up our home-school lessons on the respiratory system.

Here is a link to a neat video we watched online.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Deals on Books! Homeschooling on the cheap!

Well I just have to mention the great deals I have been managing to get. I am trying to collect books for next year's curriculum. We will be using Christian Novel Studies 2 Year American Unit Study. There is a list of books needed for readers. Many are available at the library, some are not and I have to purchase them. But I really wanted to collect as many as possible if I could do so affordably.

These are all pbswap books I obtained. (They were just for trade, no money exchanged.) Except for Sounding forth the trumpet for children and activity book-which I bought used for $4.00 at our co-op sale. (I just ended up putting them in the wrong picture.)

The two spelling books (Funtastic Spelling) are based on games. So I really look forward to using this along with the spelling in the unit study. Since you make word cards on Monday of each week, then you play games to reinforce learning to spell them. The Kids Learn Ameica, and Presidents Books are not required I just wanted them for reference, as well as the 50 states fandex.


These are items I obtained at the used curriculum sale last night. I actually got 3 levels of Hey Andrew Greek and 2 levels of Latin's not so tough. (She had levels 3 and 4 too.) I probably should of gotten them since they were only $2.00 each level. But I figure we have enough to get through right now. I got Peyton's Bible Study for next year for $5.00 and Lexi's was free.


These were McKay's books, just extra's I thought we might could use .I got these all for trade in credit. No out of money cost.


These were McKays books too. I got them all for trade, except for 3 I picked up yesterday, where I actually spent about $3.00 out of pocket.  These are all required readers in the two year unit study.


It is exciting to see how God answers prayers. Being able to exchange books I already had for books I need and getting great deals on things needed is a real blessing and helps to drop our overall homeschooling cost for next year.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My favorite season.

Well I know many people have a favorite season. But I really have to say that my favorite season is the season I am in. Whatever season it might be. I love them all. I am glad to see them all come, and go. I love the changing of the seasons. Which allow me to decorate differently. These changing seasons also bring about different family traditions and things we do to spend time together with family and friends. The Spring, Summer and Fall we spend much more time outdoors. Enjoying longer days and star lit nights. In the winter I enjoy retiring earlier, sitting by the fire, enjoying the quiet, a game with the kids. I am glad I live in an area where these changes come and go each year.

Here are some pictures of our yard/neighborhood that I have been enjoying this Spring.


Apple Trees in Bloom


Yellow pansies on my porch.


A cardinal eating under a feeder.


A Dogwood Tree in bloom.


Close up of the Dogwood


My Azalea starting to bloom.



My Eastern Snowball Tree these green balls will soon be huge white balls.


A purple pansy on my porch.


A RedBud tree in our yard.

 IMG_7371 IMG_7369



 IMG_7374 IMG_7375

My most favorite bush. I don't know the name.

IMG_7376 IMG_7377

Bleeding hearts


Close up of my favorite bush.

IMG_7379  pink purple

April Storm clouds.


And of course my little dog in the window, since the window is up. She whines to come out and play in the beautiful warm sunshine.


Friday, April 15, 2011

This Week's Highlights

Well this week was unusually busy.

Monday we began with our afternoon Anatomy group. (Nutrition) was the topic.


and an afternoon out with friends at the local Mexican restaurant while some of the kids are in gymnastics. (We have to do something during that two hours.) And having a restaurant with delicious food next door is just too tempting!

Tuesday afternoon we went to Knoxville to get some Bible study materials from Lifeway. Our Women's Ministry will begin "Here and Now, There and Then" by Beth Moore (A Study of Revelation). We also went by Game Stop so ds could buy a game with his Birthday cash.


Wednesday we had 4H. Ds did a presentation on "football play call signs." Then we had Bible study that evening.


Thursday we spent the day at Dollywood with some friends.


Friday we finished up our weekly unit study on Israel. Baked a Carrot Cake for tonight- scrap night. (So I get a little time away.) Tomorrow Dh has a fishing tournament. So wishing him luck!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beautiful Day at Dollywood

We took a day off of regular studies to learn about Cultures. The place, Dollywood. We began looking at Dolly's tour bus. Wow, she even wrote some songs in that bus. Then we went onto the Fesitival of Nations show Semala. It was a show with Georgian Dance and music. (Beautiful). Then we took in a few local rides/attractions. We left there and went to pick up some baby chicks with our friends.


It was so sweet to see ds consoling dd after she came out of the theatre ride. She was crying. She was a little scared. He was comforting her.