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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Clutter contained

I thought we could get Dd a new bookcase for her room in order to contain some of her stuffed animal clutter. I do think it looks better. Before this they littered every space wall to wall in her room.

We changed her bedding to her horse quilt, since it is much cooler than her Peace comforter she uses in the winter time.


I moved her old pink book shelf over to another wall, and as you can see this wall is covered with stuffed animals. Even inside the bench there are many other less loved stuffed animals.


So here is the new book case, it matches the top of her dresser with the wood grains. I do like that it is all contained in one area now.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pirates of the Carribean at the Imax

Dh and DS went to the Imax to see Pirates of the Carribean (Stranger Tides.)

Of course the screen there is huge, and they saw it in 3D. (The best way to see this kind of show.)

They really liked it. Out of all the Pirates of the Carribean Shows, dh thinks this one was the best.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last week of school

This week is our last week of school. We have learned a lot and worked hard this year and we are ready for a little break. We will probably start our new school year in early July in 6-8 weeks. (Our curriculum fair here is in late June.) So after I attend and gather our materials for next year, we will begin.

This week we are studying South America. We are learning about the different countries, the Amazon river, the rain forest and different animals.

This is also our last week of Wednesday night Bible studies until fall. Lexi's gymnastics recital is this weekend. So all our regularly scheduled weekly activities will end. In August Peyton will start football practice. It will be nice to not have the calendar and activities dictating our schedule for a while. 

F is for Frankenstein?

Dd drew this out on our driveway. I am assuming it is a portrait of Frankenstein.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Fast Changes

It always amazes me how much things can change so quickly. In just a few weeks we went from no leaves on trees, to plush trees. . The snowball bush I photographed just a few couple weeks ago went into full bloom and now the blooms are gone. Luckily I have the pics to remind me. 

When the snowballs were green.


In Full bloom.  Big Beautiful, white snowballs.


I cannot believe how big this Eastern Snowball Bush is. I bought in on sale one year and nursed it in the house all through the winter. In the Spring I transplanted it, and this is what it has become today.





My purple bush.  You can see more of the green leaves in early Spring.


Today even the leaves are purple.


I just had to capture some pictures of these toadstools. Which were not here 2 weeks ago. But the many rains have made them begin to grow.


Periwinkle Blooming.


My Azalea in full bloom. Now the blooms are gone.


A closer look.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alternative Garden

I have been trying to talk DH into a garden now for 2 years. But he doesn't want to mess up the grass. So this is my alternative. Now instead of beautiful lantanas and marigolds and petunias gracing the deck, we have tomatoes, and cucumbers, and yellow peppers.


This is a sugar tomato plant. ( I think they are like small cherry type tomatoes.


This is my regular tomato plant, already have a couple on the vine.


My cucumber plants.


Yellow peppers.


Another sugar tomato plant.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Old Mill Tour

After our Compost tour we had lunch at Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge. Then we toured the Old Mill.




Here we began our tour of the old mill.


A great pic in front of a mural of the mill.


Inside the mill. The corn is ground by stones.


Into a fine powder. (Corn Meal, or wheat flour etc.)


These gears are attached to the waterwheel which turns the mill.  



The girls in front of the bags of flour. They sell all this at the store and they sell at other stores and online too.


After this we went to feed the ducks and pigeons by the river. (I am sure this was the funnest part of the day for most kids.)

This pigeon was really pretty, it had purple and green on it's neck.


This duck was unusually brave. It actually ate out of dd's hand.


Here are some baby ducks, they were so cute.


Ds feeding the ducks.



Compost Center Field Trip

Our 4H Engineering Group went on a field trip this past week. We visited the United States largest composting facility. I have to tell you that I have never really had an interest in trash or sewage, but I have to admit this was a very interesting learning experience. One of the greatest things about this is that it saves a lot of landfill area that would have otherwise had to of been used. Instead most of this is actually converted to compost. So the process basically recycles the trash into something useful.

We began our tour here. This is where everyday household garbage gets dumped. It then gets mixed together with sludge (sewage that has basically been filtered, most of the water is removed. ) They mix it and put it in these holes in this barn. It then goes into this big concrete round thing that rotates it.


This is the big round thing. They have several of these. The mixture stays in here for 3 days. During this process the microorganism from the waste and trash (like food waste and sewage, begin to eat away and things that are biodegradable.)


After 3 days it comes here, and gets filtered again. You can see the things hanging from the rotator. These are items that the process could not break down. (Plastic bags, garden hoses, wire, etc.) Under this is a conveyor that takes the dirt into another part of the process.


Here you can see that the smell of all this was unpleasant. The girls are holding their noses.


The conveyor then runs it through a filter to sift out more debris.


Then it comes here to wait 40 more days. During this process it is turned every day so the microorganisms can break it down more, and it can become more aerated.


The finished product. (It is then sold and is mostly used by farmers, and landscapers.


This is the cardboard recycling area. They bundle it up.    


They can get about $180.00 per bundle.


This is a commercial use landfill that was onsite. This will get buried.



The kids and I spent a day at Dollywood. I am really trying to make sure we get some time in before public schools release. Once the summer months come lines get much longer, plus it gets much hotter. It was a beautiful day in the low 70's. Lines were very short, so we felt like we had the place mostly to ourselves.