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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Young Manhood

Well now that Peyton is getting older Gary is teaching him to take on more responsibility around the house. Here is a picture of him mowing the backyard. (We don't let him mow the hilly areas yet, or areas around trees. ) He needs more practice first.



Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bathroom De-Cluttering -The kids bathroom

Well I worked on a couple areas in the kids bathroom today. When I went to find dd a hair bow this morning her bathroom drawer was just a mess. All kinds of bows, barrettes, toothbrush, comb, headbands just all mixed together. I always seem to forget to do a before picture, but believe me the drawer was a huge mess.  So I decided that would be a priority today!

I had this little black organizer bin in another drawer, but decided it was needed here. I put her comb and headbands in this. The Girl box Lexi already had. So I used it for pony tail holders.



I bought this 3 drawer thing at BigLots for $3.00 and the basket at Dollar Tree for $1.00


The top drawer contains barrettes, and bobby pins.


Drawer 2 has loose barrettes, and many without mates. (Since dd cannot seem to keep up with these things.)


The bottom drawer has some of her bigger nicer barrette type bows. (And when she gets home tonight hopefully I will find out where the many other nice ones are.)


This basket is for her mirror and for bigger pony tail holders. (Which now that her hair is shorter she doesn't use as much.)


This holds the kids bathroom stuff and is under the sink too. Band Aids, Q tips, itch cream, body sprays, not more tears, extra toothbrushes etc. (Now we can easily find them when needed.)


I must say that it feels great to have it done. I hate not being able to find what I need and then have to get in a hurry because I spend so much time looking for something. Good organization is the key to sanity!

More Jewelry organization

Well I began just trying to get a few earrings organized and then decided I needed all my costume jewelry organized. I wish I had more space inside my closet to put it all, But since I don't, I decorated around the closet. (We will see what dh says when he gets home from the fishing tournament.)

This is the earring holder I made from a box top and nylon. Of course it doesn't work with earrings that have short backs.


So I googled this idea. (Youtube.) This is just cross stitch plastic I had laying around.

I thumb tacked the top corners. To get the earring on or off you just lift it up and remove the back and hold on to the front.

As you can see I have plenty of room for more of these type of earrings too. The necklaces above are just hung on clear thumb tacks.


I wanted to put necklaces here but did not want 20 thumb tack holes in the wall. So I just tacked up a ribbon.

These necklaces all have clasps so they can be taken off and put back on easily.


6 more clear tacks to hold these necklaces. I have to admit, It is much easier now to find the necklace I want. Before I had to dig through drawers, and one peg I had in the closet. I even found some I hadn't seen in a while.


Decluttering Jewelry

I set out today to purchase some things to help organize areas more. I wanted to get a necklace, earring organizer. (I have a jewelry box but it is very limited in what it can hold as far as earrings. I have had my longer earrings in little trinket boxes in my room. Going out today did not help me find what I needed. So when I got home I googled earring holder. (Of course it came up with some stuff on Amazon, etc. But then a video appeared showing how to make one at home (cheap). So I had to see it.

The link to the video is below. There are other ideas just using those mesh organizers you get at office supply stores. But I had everything I needed for this.

Here is the one I did today. And of course since there is so much extra room I need to buy some more earrings. LOL

I just draped the necklaces over for now. I need to work on another solution for those. I have  two adhesive hook hangers in my closet, but they are getting filled.


Next on my list is this purse mess at the top of my closet! If you have ideas leave me a comment.


Lexi 's Week at Cheer Camp

Lexi spent this week at Cheer Camp. The begin practice Monday, when Petyon starts Football practice.

Here are some pictures of her performance night at the end of camp.

She led the first cheer. In a not so loud voice. I think they were scared in front of the crowd.





Receiving her Camp Completion Certificate.


She came up afterwards and kissed me and said "Thanks for letting me do cheer." She had asked to do it last year but we said no. We were hesitant to allow her to this year, but after dh and I talked it over with her more we agreed to let her.

Friday, July 29, 2011

All systems go! Full Steam Ahead

Well it is that time of year again. Our calendar for the next few months is filling fast. We enjoyed a nice summer break of about 8 weeks. Monday we start back to our normal school routine.  Peyton begins football practice daily from 6-8 pm. Lexi is at cheer camp this week and will begin formal practices next week. (3 days a week.) Saturdays are getting filled with fishing tournaments, and in August the kids begin Saturday events as well as daily practice with Pee Wee football and cheer. (The football season won't end until late October or early November.)

Of course I knew this was coming. So I planned appropriately. The kids are only allowed the one activity in the fall. (Aside from church youth group events, and maybe a couple 4H projects.) This daily schedule keeps us busy enough through the fall months. We will get a little breather in Late August/Early September when we take our first fall break and have a couple weeks off from our school routine. But we won't get a break from our sports activities.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spiritual Warfare-(Notes) Sin, Self and Satan

So which one is causing all the problems? Maybe only 1 of these factors, maybe two or perhaps all three have a role. We need God to show us.

The self life-this is the natural man-the part of us that is not yet controlled by the Spirit of God. It includes our reasoning, emotions, and the physical body itself. (paraphrased) The unbeliever functions on the level of natural man, while the believer has the Holy Spirit and learns to "put off our old self". Sanctification takes time.

The pervasive power of sin-a spiritual dynamic present in human nature-but distinct from human nature.

Paul talks about this war within-Romans 7:15 I do not do what I want to do -it is sin at work within me. Where the Christian desires to delight in God's law-sin in us wars against God's law.

Satan-true demonic activity or oppression at work.

When faced with suffering of any sort, we must be aware that symptoms may be rooted in any one of a number of potential causes or combination of causes.

Kitchen -The heart of the Home

I found these vinyl wall letters the other day, and just couldn't resist. (I got them for $3.00 at a local family dollar store.) I must admit most of our family activities revolve around the Kitchen/Den area. We have an eat in kitchen with a breakfast bar and a formal dining room too. (Which we really only use when company comes.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spiritual Warfare-Hand to Hand Combat

The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Wising Up to Satan's Influence in Your World [Book]

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is the latest book I am reading. I was really happy to read this part today.

The parts with quotes and italics are from the book. The un-italicized additions are my thoughts about that.

"When it comes to spiritual warfare most Christians are not concerned about the cosmic, but the hassles of daily life."  Okay I know that is where I am.

"We are concerned with issues related to our own spiritual survival, protection for our children and finding God's power to deal with the needs and bondages of those around us." How do I pray for for a child hooked on drugs? Do my prayers move God's hand in spiritual warfare? 

Yep these are things I want to know. What is effective, what isn't.

He goes on to discuss the things we will learn during this book.

"What we need are the how-to's of hand to hand combat: how to discern and deal with personal oppression; how to pray effectively for our families; how to sort out the demonic from the emotional, psychological and physical problems; how to release greater spiritual power in the face of evil; how to know when evil forces tamper with family life; with significant relationships, church life; ministry assignments; misdirected priorities and devotional life. This dimension of kingdom life is not relegated to lone rangers working in para-church ministries. Resisting evil is a central aspect of gospel ministry for every believer and is intended to be practiced within the protective authority of the local church.

Well this is good news indeed. Demons aren't hiding behind every corner. Discernment is key in determining how we look at a problem, and allowing God to show us the truth in a situation. It is nice to know that every believer can have this discernment-this is not something reserved for just the apostle type Christians.

I am looking forward to God showing me many things during this study. Things that will make a difference in the life of my family, church, friendships and community,and even my nation.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare

I finished reading 2 books recently.

The Bait of Satan-John Bevere (Deals with offfense.) The other book The Devil's Door-(deals with how Christians can open the door to the enemy, most of the time unknowingly.)

The latest book I have begun is "The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare" is by Thomas White.
Another great deal from Paperbackswap.

The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Wising Up to Satan's Influence in Your World [Book]

Here is a snippet of what I read yesterday.

"Here is the challenge to the church: Those who are awake and alert in Christ, endowed with discernment and wisdom, must recognize that the arch-enemy of Christ is staging a strategic move to deceive and destroy people. The role of the redeemed is to wake up, sound a call to arms, and actively wage war against these schemes in the name and power of God. Our purpose is not to prevent the final manifestation of evil, as allowed by God. Our purpose is redemptive, to allow the Holy Spirit to wrench people free from the snares of Satan's deception."

As I meditated on this that scripture came to mind about snatching those from the fire. (Jude 1:23).

The job of the enemy is to deceive and in doing so-destroy. The Holy Spirit-heals and brings truth- and leads us into truth-as we allow him. As we are led by the Holy Spirit-we will be able to help those held in bondage escape the snares/lies of the enemy. We must be on guard to do so, as he mentions we must be awake. There are so many things today that try to claim our attention, and dull our awareness. Even as the times of our culture try to sway us into political correctness-instead of calling all sin-sin. (This is a delusion.) We must take care and not be like the frog in the boiling pot. (That only stays in as it grows warmer and warmer-until it is too late.)

Bass Tournament

Gary and Peyton entered a local bass tournament and came in 3rd place with this fish.


They won $250.00. Peyton was very happy, b/c Gary told him if they won any money he could get the Pirates of The Caribbean Lego Wii game. (So I took him to Walmart right after lunch.)


Friday, July 22, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

Every once in a while I manage to come across a garage sale. (I used to go all the time, before kids.) Now I spend Saturday mornings cooking a late breakfast. This morning the kids went to Worship Through Arts Camp-so I stopped by one on my way back home.

Here were my deals.

Pretty Blue Mixing Bowls (Pyrex type, and microwaveable.) $2.00 for set of 3.



Dress for Lexi $1.00


White dress shoes $1.00, Black dress shoes $.50.

3 pairs of Children's Place shoes $2.00 a pair.


A pretty little blue play coat for dd. $1.00


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prayer for Keegan

My nephew, Keegan was just diagnosed with Leukemia yesterday. He is 19 months old. He underwent 2 blood transfusions yesterday. Today they began chemo on him. They expect him to stay at Children's Hospital for 3 weeks. Please pray that he responds well to the treatments, and for his parents. (My brother Mike and SIL-Shawna.) Keegan also has 5 siblings at home-1 that is only 3. (So it makes it even harder, when you have other young children to care for. )



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learning about Nature in our own yard

There are some fascinating things I have learned this summer by observing insects in our yard.

When our soffit was removed and replaced with new soffit many paper wasps nests were found. Some were inhabited, others had eggs in them, and some had been abandoned. At least 100 must have been collected during that work.

Then one afternoon I was outside sitting on the porch and I saw what looked like wasps (about 100 of them circling low in the yard.) Of course it alarmed me because the kids and dog usually play out in the yard. So when Dh got home I told him to check it out. I looked on line and searched for low circling insects and June Bugs and wasps both came up. Well after a closer look dh determined they were Green June Bugs. They were circling for small insects and also make mounds in the soil, where they lay eggs.

I saw the dog slapping at one the other day that was burrowing into the ground. Now the eggs, when they hatch become grubs that eat your lawn. But they can also provide some benefit to the lawn because as they dig holes they will aerate the lawn. (So do we kill them or leave them be?)

Now the June Bugs have brought many birds into the yard, Because they are a feast for certain birds.

Bluebirds – Robins -- Cardinals
Song sparrow - - Catbirds – Starling
Chipping sparrows – Woodpeckers – Phoebes
Wrens -- Purple finches and of course our friendly bats that hang around are also great for ridding us of these insects and also mosquitoes.

And of course our neighborly bat.


And just yesterday dh came across this huge hornet nest (About the size of a basketball) It is hanging very low in a tree, maybe 4 feet off the ground. These hornets also eat other insects like June bugs. They supposedly abandon the hive in the fall. So perhaps if I can wait them out, I will have a great treasure to keep!)



Monday, July 18, 2011

Spelling Game

This spelling game came in the Funtastic Spelling Books I got this year. Each book has a spelling list for the week.

On day 1 you write the words on a 2x3 card. Then you play games during the week. Other activities include alphabetizing the words, filling in blanks etc.

Instead of testing the kids with a traditional test, we play games. This is the final game we played this week. The first game, (Jailhouse) I let them look at the word card, say it, turn it over and spell it. Today I called the words out to them, they earned $1 in play money when they got it correct and had to pay $1 when they missed it. They also have bonus word spots on them. These words pay more depending upon how hard they are. These bonus words are common words like days of the week, months of the year, and other high frequency words.

The kids really like this better than a traditional spelling test. I plan to vary this all a little when we start our next spelling list. I will pre-test the kids on the word list. (Any they get correct on day 1, they will not have to work on during the week.) They will also have 5 words a week from the unit study to add to their spelling list.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Peyton's Baptism Video

Peyton's Baptism

Peyton decided it was time he got baptized. We were really proud of his decision.


His profession of faith.




We took him out to eat at his favorite restaurant -Golden Corral.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Learning Games-Math

This is the math game we have played every day this week.

We have focused dd on level 1. Adding all the dice, by grouping them into 10's. Then adding in the other dice. The dice have up to 9 dots on them. So you could pair a 9 die with a 1 die, a 8 die with a 2 die and so on.


Another neat thing about the dice, is you can teach how to divide the die and give 1/2 to 2 different numbers. So if she rolled two 7 dice and one 6. She learns that she can give each 7 three of the dots on the 6 die. (Which makes 20.) I love the cleverness of it.




Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun Schooling

Well one thing I wanted to change this year -was to add in more learning games.

Today we played Jail House. It is a game to help with spelling. (And it came in the Funtastic Spelling Book we are using.)

On Mondays the kids write their spelling words on 2x3 cards. Then they can use them for games during the week. This is one of the 3 different spelling games we have.

You can vary the game. Today I allowed them to look at the word, say it and turn it over. Then they had to spell it from memory. If they got it correct they stayed where they were. If they missed it, they moved up 1 step closer to the jail. Both did very well. Only Lexi went up 1 stair. Neither ended up in Jail. The next time we play they will call words out to each other instead of looking at the word. (This will help them progress in learning to spell the word.) First they become familiar with seeing the word and they also learn to sound the word out. (They also have some puzzles activities they do each day to reinforce learning to spell. )