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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Roof over Back Deck

We had to replace our roof over the house due to wind and hail damage. So we thought this would be a good time to go ahead and add a roof over our back deck.

I love it. We still have to paint/stain it all, but I am already enjoying it. This morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee on the deck while watching the birds, squirrels and bunnies. I am really surprised at how much bigger it feels.










The kids, this morning drinking hot chocolate. It was still a little chilly this morning.


By 11 AM it was very nice and we went out on the deck to do our reading. It was really nice.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

This week we had roofers working at our house. So we have had to try to do school around a lot more noise than usual. I am very happy though that they are here. A friend referred this company and I am really happy with them.

We are getting new shingles (due to wind and hail damage.) So while we were at it, we figured this would be a good time to add a roof over our deck. (I wanted a metal roof, Gary wanted the architectural shingles-so we compromised. We got shingles on the house and we are adding a metal roof to the deck.

This is the view from downstairs. The deck is over the walk out basement.


The white that you see on the deck is primer. The paint job we had done last year, peeled, so we now have part of the deck painted with a primer. When we get the roof on we will get the rest painted with primer, and then will paint it in the spring.


In our Home schooling, this week we finished week 6 in our America Unit Study. Here are some of the things we learned.


We learned about glaciers and added them to our geography notebooks.


For Geography we also learned the terms: cave, and  palisade and added those to our notebooks.

Peyton read The Light in the Forest-he finished up the book today and wrote a report on it. Lexi read and finished The Courage of Sarah Noble and wrote a report on it. They are listening to Sign of the Beaver on Audio.

Today we began Johnny Tremain. Peyton will begin Hostage on the Nighthawk (which was put on hold because he started the other book.) Lexi will begin Kaya.

In Language Arts, Peyton wrote another Limmerick, we studied prepositions and figurative speech. We added information and examples of figurative language to our Grammar rules and definitions notebook.


We also began Poetry notebooks:

We copied a poem and Lexi even illustrated hers.



For History we learned about life in the 1700's, about white and Indian relationships, about prejudice. Today we began a colonial life notebook. Where we cut and pasted some pictures of clothing worn then.



For Bible we have been learning about the children of Israel and they are getting ready to enter the promised land. We are learning about Joshua in More Dangerous Devotions.

Math-Lexi is on 2 digit multiplication with regrouping, and Peyton is in book 2 of Key To Fractions.

I am also in a Bible study on Wednesday nights :Beth Moore- Here and Now, There and Then (Revelation study.)

Birthday Flip Flop Invitations

I made this during one of our recent Hobby Times. They are invitations for Lexi's upcoming Birthday-(Pool) party.

They open up and the details are inside.




Saturday, September 17, 2011

Football and Cheer Pics

Today we had team pictures. I ordered one of each of the kids team pictures. I was also able to capture some of my own shots.







Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 6 America Study

This week we began with a field trip to Rocky Mount where we learned much about the 1700's in America.

In Science we learned that surface currents are caused by winds and tides, and deep ocean currents are caused by the changes in water temperature from the poles to the equator and back, and also by the amount of salt in the ocean.

For History and Reading/Literature -Peyton is reading "The Light in the Forest."

Lexi is reading "The Courage of Sarah Noble."

The Courage of Sarah Noble/Newbery Summer

We are listening to "The Sign of the Beaver" on audio. These books focus on Indian-white settler relations.

The Sign of the Beaver

In Language Arts, Peyton had to finish a limerick and then also write one of his own.

This one he had to finish: The first line was supplied, the words in italics are what he added.

There was a small lady from Trent,

who got in her door a small dent,

when she stooped down to look,

she fell down and shook,

and when she awoke it was lent.

Here is the limerick he wrote by himself-with a little help from me in finding rhyming words.

There once was a boy who had brains,

Who went out to play in the rain,

Then along came a truck,

That splashed him with muck,

But it all got rinsed down the drain.

He has also been working on capitalization rules, and finding errors in text.

Lexi has been copying a poem "These are the Days When Birds Come Back" by Emily Dickenson

Together in our unit study we are working on identifying prepositions, and reviewing nouns, verbs, and articles.

Lexi finished up her modern cursive book this week. So she will be starting another one that I did not make Peyton finish. I gave him the option to complete his LA work in cursive instead if he did not want to do additional copywork.

In math Peyton is working on Book 2 Key To Fractions. (Multiplying and Dividing Fractions.) Lexi has been working on 2 and 3 digit multiplication by 1 digit. She has been having a rough time. Sometimes she multiplies wrong, other times she carries incorrectly. (Carrying the wrong number, and also adding in the carry incorrectly.) So I can tell we will be spending time here.

In Bible they are both memorizing their portions daily for Junior Bible Quiz. They are quizzed on questions of bible knowledge, they also have to memorize scriptures, and learn what the books of the bible are about. They have a schedule daily M-F of which questions they need to go over and learn the answers to. Then on Sundays they practice Bible Drill at church.

Peyton is continuing his Latin and has completed over 1/2 of level 1. (So maybe he will manage to get in all 3 levels this year.)

On Wednesday, we took a day off to go to DollyWood with friends. We had a great time, there were very few people and hardly any children on rides since school is back in. So us homeschoolers had the place almost to ourselves. No lines for any ride.

The shooting Star


Adventure Mountain


Bumper Cars


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Football and Cheer Game 2

Lexi's cheer squad waiting for the Super Grass Cutters to run through onto the field. She is in the row facing me-she is standing beside the coach.


On the sidelines cheering during the game. Front row, 3rd from left.



Close up of her yell!




On the field at halftime doing their cheer routine.



Peyton before the game.


#18, he fell down after a block. He also got to carry the ball 13 yards for a first down -on the second play of the game. Which I missed because I was helping the cheerleaders change clothes after their game.


Lined up -far left.


Peyton makes a  block and keeps this guy from getting the ball.


another block on another play!


He had fun, had a great game and they won against the Raiders 19-13.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Rocky Mount Field Trip

Today we took a field trip to Rocky Mount Museum. It was really nice that Gary got to go with us.

The kids got to enjoy some hands on activities while we learned about history in the 1700's. This ties in well with the time frame in history we are beginning to study.

The first activity was quill writing.




Peyton was really learning to appreciate the fact that we now have pens and pencils to write with. Dipping the ink constantly and blotting and trying to form letters was pretty tedious.


Since envelopes were not used in the 1700's, people folded the pages us and used a family seal. They would melt wax onto the paper and press the seal into the paper on the fold. This would signify that the letter had not been read.


We also learned about the people and their habits back then. Most people had 2 sets of clothes a winter set and summer set. They rarely bathed until it was time to change their clothes after each season. They would daily wash their hands, face and arms, but not their whole bodies. The men would also sleep in the shirts they wore all day. They would just remove their shoes and breeches and the shirt tail would fall out and make a night shirt.


The second activity was hearth side cooking. We went into the kitchen house and the kids got to experiencing cooking a meal on a fireside hearth.


Peyton cracked the egg. 


Lexi added the milk. 


Then they mixed in the cornmeal and stirred it up. Nothing was measured.


Meanwhile the bacon was placed on coals on the hearth.


You can see all the herbs hung over the hearth to dry.


The cornbread was placed in a bowl in the dutch oven and set on coals on the hearth.



I was amazed at how fast the cornbread cooked -in less than 10 minutes.

This was where the dishes were washed and rinsed.


Cooking utensils.


Peyton trying the bacon, trying to separate the large amounts of fat.


The cornbread after it was ready.


After dinner chores. Sweeping,


cleaning the table, washing and rinsing dishes,


then putting them away. Throwing out old water, getting more water from the spring. Hauling in more wood.


This was at the main house. The Cobb house.This is the dining room.


The living area.


A secret drawer in the desk.



The quilt that is lowered down so it can be worked on, then put away in the evenings for family time and entertaining.



A game the kids played called chase the snake. When kids rolled the die they went that many spaces. Then they might have to do chores-Peyton thought it was a way to make kids work more.


The spinning house.


The last activity was candle making. They began with wicks, in order to get the candles bigger you must dip and let it dry and then dip again. About 30 times or more. This too the kids found tedious.





A pretty view from the property.


Lexi couldn't wait to get home and try out her candle.


It was a great trip and I know that the kids learned alot getting to try things first hand, and see how people dressed, lived and talked back in the 1700's.