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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Texas Thanksgiving

We went to Texas for Thanksgiving to visit with family and friends. We really enjoyed our visit. The weather was mild, not too hot, not too cold. We ate way too much. (This week we are on diets, trying to shed the extra pounds we put on.) LOL

Jessica, my stepdaughter and her husband Kyle. (They are expecting in late January) She looks great!


Arielle, and Jaden (Peyton and Lexi's 2nd cousin)


Peyton and Tyler (another 2nd cousin) playing video games.


Gary's sister, Sandy


Sandy's dog, Gigi.



Lexi with my 2nd cousins (John Paul's girls) which makes the girls 3rd cousins.


Playing Hand and Foot



My great Aunt Ella and the kids. We played Hand and Foot with her too. Ella and I beat Mom and Gary 2 times, they won once.

My mom and her cousin Glenn, who is also my 2nd cousin and the kids 3rd cousin.


At Uncle Jerry and Aunt Lanna's house. Roasting Weenies, watching movies on the big screen projector outside.


Tina and her children. Tina is the kids cousin and her children are their 2nd cousins.

(Tara, Philip and Alexis.)

Peyton and Lexi with Jaden and Austin (2nd cousins)

Gary and I took mom and Ella to eat at our favorite taco place-Amayas. We were happy to see they have moved into a much nicer, bigger place now.


I made this stuffed bear a couple weeks ago. It was a gift for my stepdaughter, Jessica, she is due in late January. It was my first attempt at a stuffed animal. We named him Bearvo. (After the mascot-Beevo.) LOL  I also put a rattle in it. So it rattles when you shake it.












Here she is at the shower receiving it.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Buddy

This week we had to put our schnauzer, Buddy, to sleep. He was 13 1/2. It was hard to do. He was very special to me. My husband got him for me after a miscarriage, and he became my comfort. a year later I experience another miscarriage-losing a twin pregnancy. I was heartbroken. Buddy was like a baby to me then.

Two years later God blessed us with our son, Peyton. He was born on the same day as Buddy exactly two years later. (It was like God was saying I gave you Buddy until Peyton came along. )

Buddy loved car rides, and to go fishing with us. He loved to swim and would often jump out of the boat to cool off. He used to love to play ball when he was young. I will miss him dearly. We have all shed tears this week, he is missed here at home. I thank God, though for the gift of Buddy. If dogs do get to go to heaven, I know Buddy will be there.
He was a great companion and friend.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lexi's Bday Digi Scrap page

So I really like playing around with Digital Scrapbooking. This free page layout came from the Shabby Princess.

Lexi's Bday-001

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wednesday Freebies

Here is a preview of this weeks Freebies with pages I made from them.

Here they are:

Here is the link to this freebie.

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My Memories Suite 2

Lexi's Luau Birthday

This year Lexi turned 10. She wanted a swimming party, so we thought a Luau theme would be cute.

I had them write Happy Birthday in Hawaiin on the cake and also use the Hawaiin version of her name.


Each girl got a Lei and a hair flower.



We had pizza, juice and then 1 1/2 hours of swim time in the indoor pool.

Libby gave her doll Clothes for Kanani (the Hawaiin American girl she got from us.)

It was a pretty lime green dress, undies and green shoes.


Courtney got her a shadow box kit.


Ansley got her an Easy Bake kit.


Reagan got her a pretty little baby. She already named her Arabella, and calls her Abby for short.


Alexa got her a Loom kit with some yarn. She has already started on knitting a hat for Kanani.


Fall Photo Shoot by the Lake

We recently had a playdate at a nearby park at the lake. It was a beautiful fall day. I can't really decide which is my favorite, but I am leaning toward the first one. (The back to back pose.)

It was really fun catching all the pictures. I can't wait to add them to our scrapbooks.








4H -November

Posters were due for our regular monthly meeting. This is Lexi's poster.


This is Peyton's poster. Since the kids are not much on drawing, or at least they don't feel talented in drawing, they did it sort of scrapbook style. Adding word art,  and clip art. Lexi used heart punches to make the shamrocks.



Our 4H group also has a history sub group called Time Travelers. We are learning about Tennessee History and our family histories. So this month's assignment was to do an interpretive speech of a famous Tennesseean.

Libby, one of our friends, was Dolly Parton. She was so cute.


Tommy was Jack Hanna.


Lexi was Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. This was her first ever public speech, and she did very well with just having a note card to go by.


Peyton was Mack Brown. Peyton did good too, he did it interview style, so I asked questions and he answered them.

Weekly Wrap Up-End of First Unit, Beginning 2nd Unit

This week we used for review. We finished up "A Cabin Faced West". We also finished up "The Light and the Glory for Children."

Since 4H took our day Friday, I decided to begin our new unit early. So we began our 2nd book "From Every Mountainside."

We began reading "Ben and Me." We will be reading "From Sea to Shining Sea for Children."

From Sea to Shining Sea for Children: Discovering God's Plan for America in Her First Half-Century of Independence, 1787-1837

During this 11 week study we will begin making a presidents notebook and also a states notebook. We will be documenting what we are learning about each as we read about them in history.

In 4H the kids had posters due this week.

Thursday, November 3, 2011



I made this purse the other day at our Hobby Hall craft time.


Here is the link to the purse and pattern.

I think it is really cute, I just wish I had made it about 3 x that size.