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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Peyton and Lexi exchange gifts. It was really great to see them earn and save
their own money to buy each other a gift.

            We had fun hiding the pickle this year. I made this at a local Pottery Studio.

Our tree

Oh and If you are wondering what I got, I got a great Camera case.
It is much smaller than my large hiking camera backpack, and still holds every thing I need.
So when I am not hiking I will be carrying it.
Here is what it looks like. Thankfully-it was less than 1/2 this price when I got it. LOL

Lexi in the Living Christmas Tree

Lexi got the opportunity to participate in a large church production this year.
It was 3 nights in a row.

She performed a dance (ballet) with others from her studio. They danced to "Gloria" it was beautiful.

Lexi;s Bday

Lexi turned 11 this year.
Peyton got her SUmmer Dance Party for the Wii

She got an AG doll and accessories.

Her friends came over -we roasted hot dogs by the fire.

Thanksgiving Trip to Texas

Wow I didn't realize that it has been so long since I updated. I guess since I share so much on FB I really don't feel the need to share as much on the blog.

Anyway, we took a trip to Texas during Thanksgiving. We got to see Gary's daughter, Jessica, her husband and their baby-Kylan.

Pictures I took of Jessica and Kyle and Kylan for their Christmas Card-the idea came from Jessica.
(Really cute card idea.)

Lexi playing with her nephew, Kylan.
A panoramic view of the Riverwalk.
The Mall at the Riverwalk

The gardens at the Alamo

Some of the grotesques in the city architecture in downtown San Antonio.

This is a gargoyle-the difference is that the gargoyles have hands in order to supposedly capture evil spirits.
The kids and I at the Alamo

Eating with our friends Gus and Debbie -At Olive Garden.
They live in the New Braunsfels area.

Visiting Family
Lexi and Nana

Nana and Papa with a Birthstone Family Tree I made for them.

The kids with mom and Aunt Ella. (She is 90 years old this year.)

Granny, Kylan, Gary and Jessica

Lanna making a delicious strawberry trifle.

Jessica, Papa Joe, Kylan and Gary (Papaw)

Lexi feeding her 2nd cousin Graham Wallace Light.

Movie night on the big screen (barn) at the Caldwells.
Cocoa, coffee, popcorn, the Polar Express and The Avengers.

We had a really great trip, we traveled through 7 states on this trip.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Max Patch late October

We decided to take another trip to Harmon Den (Max Patch) this is located in North Carolina just off of Exit 7 on I 40. We had a group from the Homeschool Hikers join us.

It is a 6 mile drive up a gravel road. But the road is easy enough for mini vans, and last time a small Cooper sports car. Though there are times that you have to navigate on the narrow roads when you meet an oncoming driver.

This place is just so beautiful you just have to go visit in the fall. I would recommend the first 2 weeks in October because the leaves can dump fast. This was on October 26 so many of the reds were gone. Mostly oranges and yellows were left.