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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chasing a January Sunset

I looked out the window about 5:15 and saw the sun peaking out a bit. So I thought I might catch a sunset.
I looked up the time of sunset and it was 5:48 PM
So , Lexi and I grabbed the camera and Dixie and jumped in the Jeep to go catch the sunset.

I just drove in the direction of the sun, trying to get up on top of a mountain-or on a hill where I might be able to
look down on the land and actually capture the sun before it went down.
No luck there though. It was gone by the time I had chased it to a place where I could get a good view.

But I did manage to capture a few good pics. Glad I took them in RAW format, because the Jpgs didn't turn out well at all.
The sky was beautiful it looked like it was on fire in some places. It has been a while since I have even seen the sunset.
The trees sheild our house from seeing the sunrise or sunset and our house faces north. and with hills it is harder to capture it.

First picture, I stopped on the road.

Then I stopped at another place to catch this one.

I went on further hoping for a better clearing, by then the sun was going down fast.

Another thing I am really glad about is that I shot in Jpg and Raw formats. The jps were almost useless. May exposures were overdone, or underdone. (Probably b/c I am still learning my camera.) But anyway the RAW ones were easy to convert over and stayed beautiful.

I have to say I am glad I chased the sunset tonight. I ended up losing my glasses over it.
When I jumped out of the jeep to capture the picture, I was leaning on the hood of my jeep. My glasses are bifocals and I could not get the shot in focus. So I took my glasses off and set them on the hood. Then I proceeded to snap some shots. When I was done I jumped back in the jeep. A little bit down the road, something hit the front lower windshield and I though "Was that a branch?" Then about 1/2 mile down the road I realized it was my glasses. Ugh. (Well I went back-but by then it was getting even darker. ) Good news is-I go pick up my new pair tomorrow. Dd and I both went to the Eye Dr. last week and both are glasses are in. So we will get them tomorrow. Tonight I am using readers.