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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well one thing leads to another and one event led to a series of decluttering yesterday.

I went to open my swivel cabinet while I was trying to put back ingredients I had pulled out to make cookies. Since I couldn't get the door to move properly I assumed something had fallen and was stuck. This led me to unload the whole cabinet, wipe it all out, and re-organize it all. 





So as I was sorting this cabinet I decided to move some things like the cereal and snacks.

Which led to cleaning out this cabinet, re-organizing it and labeling some things for easy finds.


Which also led me to clean out another small can pantry. Not pictured.

Then I decided to take some things downstairs that belonged in my craft room.

While there I got distracted and spend over an hour organizing a new gift wrap area. I got inspired after seeing a gift wrap station on pininterest.


The basket holds all kinds of gift wrap. The drawers hold Ribbons, bags and boxes and then tissue. The zebra box holds bows.


On the shelf beside the station are these hand made cards. So I can always easily find a card/tag to go with the gift.


and on this shelf Christmas tags, cards, bows and ribbon.


Next week I want to print out tags to label the drawers and also get some drawers in my kitchen organized.