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Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Photo Shoot

The kids and I went to the dam today to walk. (Well to take pictures that is.) But since we were out there-we had to walk. So I got in my exercise too.

The lake is just beautiful, lakes in Texas don't look like this lake. This is a clear water lake and it really is blue in color. Lakes back in Texas are mostly brown. It was beautiful with the blue skies, blue water and I had the kids dress in blue. I also got to use my new CPL filter for the first time. The sun was up very bright around 3pm. (But that is a warmer time to go.) Thus you can see the kids squinting in the sun.

These pictures will also help me complete an upcoming assignment for Digital Photography School. (Something I decided to do this year-to help my photography.) The assignment is "Blue". So I thought one of these might turn out good enough to turn in.

I would love some feedback on which one you think I should turn in. I am leaning toward number 3 below, because it has so much blue and just trace amounts of other colors.




I used a hood, and zoomed so I could get it in for a nice round frame.