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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Gear

I got some new camera gear for Christmas, and got this cool backpack to put it all in.


It didn't come in pink, so I took the green and black. The bungee cord can hold 4 or more water bottles. Great for hiking.


A place for extra memory cards, batteries, lens cleaners, cables.


In this main pocket there is a place for manuals, thumbdrives, cables and a mini tripod


Here I can keep extra lenses, hoods, filters, the charger and my point and shoot.


I can even carry my manual with it. (I can fit my Cruz in the pocket too.) I downloaded all the manuals for the cameras and lenses etc. and put them on my cruz tablet.


My point and shoot-that I cannot give up. I love having this little thing handy. (Especially for places like Dollywood, where I wouldn't want to take my T2i on rides etc.


Here you can see my T2i with the 18-55mm lens. It sits up in the top for a quick grab.

Now I just need to find some trails to hike. (And some friends to do it with.)