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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughtful, thankful- Thursday

Well today I thought I would just share some thoughts and some thanks.

I have been listening to the audio version of "1000 Gifts" on my Cruz tablet. I really love the way she brings out how to be thankful in the midst of just every day things, and in all circumstances.

Just last week when Lexi had a stomach virus, it was easy to be thankful-knowing it was just a short lived virus-and not something worth. It makes me want to watch Pollyanna all over again. To see the positive in the world and not focus on the negative.

The kids and I have been going through this months' list during our morning devotions.
I found it somewhere in the Share the Dare. (Cannot seem to find it now.) There was a list of things to go over each day-to help us think about the gifts we have.
Today was a gift in the kitchen, a gift in the weather and a gift that almost wasn't.

My answers were-my kitchen sink, (I love the large single sink I now have.) the lovely, mild winter day, and both of my children (that almost weren't). Thanks to God for the guidance, Dr. Jones -who did the endometriosis surgery and Dr. Presley who delivered both of them-I now have them.

As I use my camera more this year-I realize how precious and beautiful things and people are. How many gifts God has given us to celebrate-gifts of perspective to see Him in all things.