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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Thoughts-Decluttering

De-Cluttering again! Well I have made a commitment to de-clutter some much needed areas. I try to work on a little area at a time, just a few extra minutes a day. This week I have been working on my craft room. I cleaned off my big craft table, organized it a bit. Established a separate Cricut station, with my Big Shot and Embosser, put little storage units under to store cartridges, die cuts, embossing folders etc.

My craft table

My Cricut station

Today I worked on an area of the garage. Which is a place I usually try to avoid. This is the man cave-and a nightmare. We don't have an attic, or large closets, so all our storage is in the basement/garage. This area also houses my husbands vehicle and his boat and fishing stuff. Anyway, he has his tools in the room where I want to move my craft room into. So I have an incentive to get his tools out of my area, so I can move the things I want into this new basement room. We also plan to paint the paneling, and put in some time of floor, or paint the floor. (We can't decide if we want to tile it or carpet it.) I don't like the carpet idea-because we would eventually have to do it again. I prefer to do things ONCE.

The room right now, taken over by the kids. Always kept in dissaray. I finally just decided to stay away from that area. I make the kids clean it once a week. But I now decided that someone that will keep the area nice-ought to get the better area!

I can't show a picture of the garage before-it is just too bad. Ugh. You would not believe how many empty boxes we keep in case we need them. The box the Wii came in, the box my food processor came in, every box every tool ever came in. Ugh A big box that the pressure washer came in, another box that the shop vac came in. No wonder we don't have any room. We have the item and then the extra box too. Anyway, they were taking up a ton of space. So today I took 1 load of stuff to donate down to the local donation spot, and then threw away another load of trash. And I now have 3 empty large plastic tubs, and two large boxes for dh to go through.