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Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap up

January week 2-We were supposed to begin school on Monday but our plans got interrupted by the stomach bug.

Gary came down with some sort of intestinal virus last Thursday and was still home Monday. Lexi began throwing up Sunday night around 11 pm and kept throwing up and heaving until around 8 am. She laid in the bathroom floor on a palate I made for her. Neither of us got any sleep-she would lay down and 15-30 minutes later she would be up again over the toilet.

Around 11 am she finally was able to keep some sprite down and by 4 pm was able to keep down 1 cracker. She finally drifted off to sleep around 4:30.

Dixie snuggling with Lexi to help her feel better.

On Tuesday- Gary was able to return to work. Lexi was still feeling bad. She was able to get some soup and crackers down. The kids dance/art classes began. I let Peyton go, but didn't want Lexi to expose others even though she really wanted to go. (Glad I didn't let her, b/c Wednesday she was back laying around feeling tired again.)

Wednesday she was still laying around and very tired, and ate just a little, as we slowly began to introduce more food-slowly into her diet. We skipped church activities that night. She did manage to get a couple subjects in school done. We finished our Read Aloud-Abandoned on the Wild Frontier, and watched the Rock and Learn Physical Science video. (For science.)

I got some de-cluttering done on Wednesday. I got a new earring holder-this really looks much nicer than the old home made things I was using. (And takes up less space.) It holds 24 pair-so almost all my earrings except for my Christmas ones.

Thursday the kids got their core subjects done-Math, LA, Greek, and cursive. We had eye Dr. appointments-so that took up our afternoon. I also went by Hobby Lobby to get a frame for one of my pictures I enlarged. Now I can enjoy my Eastern Snowball bush all year long. It is featured right above my bed. I also framed some of my other favorites in 8x10 frames. this stream is in my den.

If it seems a little blurry-out of focus-it probably is. I am noticing that I don't focus as well with my bifocals. I do have a new pair of glasses with my new RX coming in about a week. I can't wait. I know I will be seeing much more clearly.

Here is the snowball bush picture-framed 11X14. This wall has been bare since we moved in 6 1/2 years ago. I really never found exactly what I wanted there. Now I have it.

Friday the kids were able to resume their regular work-they finished all their assignments early. They also completed this easy 100 piece puzzle of the US. (Since we are studying the US this year.) We will be ready to go onto Week 7 of Unit 2 next week.