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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Repetition and Patterns in Nature

Our photography assignment this week in DPS is Repetition and patterns in nature. One thing I really like about participating in these assignments is how it helps me "see" the world. During the green assignment, I never realized how many things besides plants were green. During this assignment I find myself really noticing repeating and non-repeating patterns more.

I never realized there were so many different types of tree bark. So many different wild patterns in it. Patterns in flowers, on animals, etc.

This is just a few that I took. I deleted many and these were the favorites so far. But I have to narrow this down to one photo to submit next week. Please vote and tell me which one you like the most.

This is the bark pattern of a tree in my yard. I did it in B&W
because I really like the contrast best in those 2 colors.

If only everything in life were simple and straight.
But many times life takes us on crazy twists and turns.

Twisting vines

rough bark

I really like this shell picture. It leads your eye into the picture.
But 2 people have already submitted shells.

Don't cry.
Topsy turvey shrooms

Some wild bark on my birch tree, it really looks like paper.
More of a texture than a pattern since there really isn't alot of repetition.
Just wild and crazy.

I like this one too, the vines leading your eyes, and the gentle twist.

Straight lines.

Repeating patterns found in how gourds are shaped. The okra long with ridges.

Fungi on a stick.

Some kind of moss fungus stuff.

The swaying bark here leads your eye.

Of course another unique pattern like no-one elses. My fingerprints.
My goldfish, pretty lines, scales and colors.

English Ivy

Crocus patterns

Criss Cross in Plox.

The lines on a brussel sprout.

I never even really noticed the lines and patterns in a banana
until I opened one up the other day.

Pretty patterns on flowers.

So which picture do you like best?