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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

I am doing this a day early, because tomorrow we will be at 4H.
So today will end our weekly studies. The kids will just do math and LA in the morning.

This week we continued reading Caddie Woodlawn for History.
For Science we learned about Beavers and Bears.
For Math-we continued in our workbook.
Peyton in Fractions (Mixed Numbers) and Lexi working on long division.

For history readers this week. Lexi began reading Soft Rain and
Peyton began reading Beneath the Sky of an Angry.

For 4H Lexi made a handkerchief pillow.

For the baking contest she made our Great Aunt Ella's 1 cup cookies.

Peyton made Nuttin Butter Banana Bread.