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Monday, April 23, 2012

Retreat and Renewal

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a women’s retreat. The message was really good, and I know that there were many parts of the message that spoke particularly to me. Many things I used to be very diligent in but over the last couple of years-I began to let things slide.

One of the main things is that I have subtly allowed my time with God to be interrupted. In doing this I have been sending the wrong message to my children. (And while I pray “Lord, give my kids a heart for you”, I need to display what that looks like.")

One of the things the speaker said was to “Set aside intentional time for God everyday.” So many times I just did this on they fly. (Not really setting the time aside.) Instead giving him the left overs or none at all. She mentioned that in her life-she had to set time for God in the morning before emails, before tv, facebook, etc. All of these were things I used to practice-but over the past couple of years I have gradually allowed this to change. Many times I will check my emails first thing in the morning, while watching the news. Then the kids want to watch tv while eating breakfast. Then before we know it-our minds have been filled with a “worldly mindset” instead of first seeking the mind of God. Most of the time we would still have a devotion time, but it was sort of just hurry up and get it done, one more thing on the list to get through. (And that is not what I want for our lives.) I want the deep sense of a relationship with God established in my heart and in my children’s heart. (And If I don’t display that setting time aside intentionally is important, then how will my children really realize it?)

So I told the kids that today we would begin devotion time first again. They weren’t real receptive to it. Lexi wanted to hurry and get started on her work, and she did not want to wait for everyone to be ready for devotion time. I don’t want to make this a religious “ritual” but just want to emphasize that we seek God first, and purposely give him time. (He deserves our best.) It is also an act of humility to do this.

We began the day with worship, I played a few songs on the guitar and we sang along. Then we prayed and read over our devotion together. I really could tell a difference in my mood. A few hours later I am still singing and humming to God, and am mindful of the Lord.

Here are some pictures of the retreat. The hot tub.IMG_8739

The river view.



Beautiful Rhotodendrums.IMG_8761


Fellowship and food.





It was nice to share time with other ladies. I learned new things about some I already new, and met other ladies I had not met before. It was nice sharing hearts, and prayer requests and encouraging one another.