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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My new pantry.

One of the big problems with an older home is the lack of pantry/closet space. So when we did our basement rennovation. I decided to repurpose an old school cabinet and make it into a pantry.

I didn't get a before picture. But it basically looked like this. Except that I had put alot of children's art work on the doors. I used masking tape to put them on. So when I peeled it off, the finish came off. (So it was very ugly with spots all over it.)

I went to Lowes to look for Wallpaper covering. Which I thought would be much prettier and easier than painting it. I was excited to find some wallpaper that actually matches my cabinets.

Here is the pantry.

These are my cabinets. (Which are not walllpapered, they are Oak with Laminate.)
And very easy to keep clean.

Inside view. 4 shelves that add a lot of storage space.