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Monday, August 6, 2012

Art with Mike's Inspiration Station

Last week there was a special promotion that I took advantage of. It was for Mike's Inspiration Station DVD set. If you buy Volume Set 1-6, you get Volume Set 7-12 free.

We usually take art classes from a local teacher. (But this semester we are pressed for time with all our other activities, so I decided we would do art at home.) I thought this set would really be beneficial since I am a highly visual learner, and my son is as well. Plus we could pause it whenever necessary.

Today's Lesson was cartoon characters. There are many facets in this study. We only did the first two today.  Using the basic pear shape.
                                                                     The DVD Lesson

Lexi's completed cartoons.

My completed cartoons. The bear was a boy on the DVD but I made it a girl.
Yes I love learning right along with the kids.

Peyton's Cartoons.

The DVD lesson on Using Basic Shapes. The bird was made using the number 2. The clown with a triangle. The detective began as the letter Z.

Peyton's attempt

Lexi's attempt

My attempt
 Mine after coloring them in. Coloring is not taught here, we just wanted to brighten them up.

Lexi's colored in.

Peyton's colored in.

So far so good, I think we will do this in little segments. The next lesson (Part of lesson 1) Is cartoon eyes, then mouths, and other features. I will post more as we work on them.