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Monday, August 13, 2012

Rx for a Manic Monday

Early this morning I woke up, with thoughts running through my mind. Things I have been pondering about homeschool, church etc. Decisions that have to be made regarding curriculum, direction to go with a middle schooler this year. Some anxiety over a new schedule that will require us to be out of the house every day except Fridays. I am really someone who really prefers to stay home and not have to run the roads-and have us running here and there. Other concern over friends, family and church members that are suffering with illness/ pain, etc. Concern for our nation and the direction we are going. Concern over family and friends that do not yet know Jesus.  So after laying in bed from 5:00-5:30 and praying over these things in my mind, I finally decided to just get up, enjoy some coffee and time in the word and take all these things on my mind to God.

There is great peace in bringing these concerns to God, knowing that I have entrusted these to his care, his providence and His perfect plan. There is peace in trusting him to guide me in the right decisions. Peace in knowing whatever the future holds for our nation, God is in control. It also helps to write these things down. (Well at least for me.) It is like once I put them on paper-and have prayed over them I have a record of those prayers. I can go back and see when I have had those concerns and can also say-Hey I took this before God on this day. (And I know I can trust him to be Lord over this situation.)

So for me-There is no manic monday. I am heading into the week, blessed, and at peace, knowing that God is my guide and that every thing that comes my way today and this week-God already knows about it. I don't have to be caught off guard-because God never is. He is God over my life, and over all my Mondays!