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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Starting School

This week we began our 2012-2013 school year. (Well the kids actually have 3 weeks logged, for camps and things they attended during the summer, that will count toward school days.)
But we began our new grade levels this week.
Lexi is now in 5th grade, and Peyton is in 7th grade.

They are growing up so fast.

Here are some pictures of our week. From time to time I will mention things we are using and tell you what I think of it and how it is working.

First Day of school. I moved the school table out into the main rec room downstairs. I know we all really enjoy being down there now, since we have the window view. Yesterday we saw a beautiful red cardinal outside the window, and this morning we watched a bunny eat.

Here the kids were working on building a model of the heart. (Using graham crackers, marshmallows and icing.) They loved it, especially eating it afterwards.
We restarted our Human Anatomy -Apologia and we are on lesson 8. I figure we will do 1 unit every 2 weeks. Since it really takes us 4 full days to get through the reading, projects, and notebooking.