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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week 4-recap

We are doing well in our studies. I am finding it is taking a little longer each day to get in all our studies. We really have to read a little in science every day in order to break it up more. (Or we end up spending a long time reading in science and the material doesn't really get into their heads.)

We finished Lesson 9 The Nervous System. Learning about the CNS, PNS, SNS, ANS, and endocrine systems.

Last week we finished our history read aloud "A Family Apart." On Monday we began "Rifles for Watie." I am still trying to figure out who Watie is, and we are on chapter 8. We have to read at least 2 chapters a day to stay on schedule-in order to finish in 3 weeks. So hopefully we will have it fnished before we take our first break in September.

For Grammar, I have decided to switch Peyton to Essentials in Writing.  I just felt that what we were using, Basics for Communicating Effectively,  did not have enough explanation for him, and really not enough for me to be able to help him. Then teacher's guide is very lacking and basically just contains answers. I saw the samples of Essentials in Writing, and really think that together we can figure it out. It is a DVD of an actual instructor teaching English. So it will be like having an English Teacher right here in our home each day. (And the price is really great.)

I really like Lexi's Doodle Definitions, She enjoys doing them and is learning the words.
We have been doing some journaling each day . Basically the kids and
I write a scripture and illustrate it or expound upon it.
But I wanted something a little more artsy, so Lexi and I both created art journals.
Here is mine. It is just a sketch pad that I embellished the outside of.
I plan to add some outside ribbons to dress it up some.
Here is Lexi's journal

Here are a few inside pages that I designed with scrapbook paper.
This will make it easy to add thoughts, poems, scriptures or other things.

On Friday, we joined some other homeschool families for a  picnic lunch,  backpacking essentials class, hike and creek play. We had a great time exploring and playing in nature.