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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 5

Time is flying as we continue our first 6 weeks. I am amazed how fast the first 6 weeks has flown by.
We have one more week and then we will take a week break.

Succeses this week. We changed Peyton's LA curriculum. I ordered Essentials in Writing last week and recieved it on Saturday! I was super excited to get it so fast. And I can tell you that I love it. I have been wanting something like this forever, and have finally gotten it. I only wish I had it for Lexi this year too. I think it would be much more comprehensive in nature, plus grades 5 and 6 are much more grammar intensive. Where 7th and 8th really focus on LA and grammar in writing. (So there is a strong writing component.)

We are on Unit 9 in science. The Nervous system extended. We are still reading Rifles for Watie. (And we still don't know who or what Watie is.) LOL

We also finished our 1st book of Dangerous Devotions (The Old Testament.)
We began the New Testament Version .

Peyton began his first week class in Theater.

Lexi and I have been dancing (working out) with Wii Just Dance 3 and Country Dance.

Right now we are only able to meet for Chinese 1 day a week because of our schedule and our instructor's schedule.

Here is a picture from this week-of Lexi in her ballet class. She is taking Ballet and Lyrical this semester.

A beautiful sunset I captured at Walmart parking lot the other evening.

On Saturday, Lexi and I had a great girls day out. We began by going to her audtion for "The Living Christmas Tree." She is excited to be participting in that play this Christmas. Practice begins next Sunday night. After this we went to a ballet dance store to get her some shoes and tights. Then we went to Trader Joes. (Since I had heard so much, but had never been to one.) I wasn't overly impressed. (But the milk was very cheap, at $2.99 a gallon.) I was surprised they didn't have more couscous. We also went out to lunch, bought me a pair of shoes, and went to McKays.
Peyton went on his first Dove Hunt with his dad on Saturday. Here is his first dove that he shot!

They brought home their limit. I fried them up and we had them for lunch on Sunday.