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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My new pantry.

One of the big problems with an older home is the lack of pantry/closet space. So when we did our basement rennovation. I decided to repurpose an old school cabinet and make it into a pantry.

I didn't get a before picture. But it basically looked like this. Except that I had put alot of children's art work on the doors. I used masking tape to put them on. So when I peeled it off, the finish came off. (So it was very ugly with spots all over it.)

I went to Lowes to look for Wallpaper covering. Which I thought would be much prettier and easier than painting it. I was excited to find some wallpaper that actually matches my cabinets.

Here is the pantry.

These are my cabinets. (Which are not walllpapered, they are Oak with Laminate.)
And very easy to keep clean.

Inside view. 4 shelves that add a lot of storage space.

Deck Painting

Well we finally got our deck painted. It had been painted two summers ago and it peeled. So last summer we had it re-primered when we had the house painted. Now they came back to finish up the painting. It matches the trim color of the house.

Basement rennovation

We recently rennovated the basement. Here are some pictures.

This is the old bathroom. Brown wallpaper, lineolium flooring.

The new bathroom now has painted walls. A spice white color. (Off white)
We had a tile floor installed, along with a new toilet.

A new vanity with a larger sink. But slimmer vanity. It makes it feel so much larger now.
We also changed the light fixture.

Close up of the tile floor.

 The old vanity and wallpaper.

 We also had new carpet put in.

New Oil Rubbed Bronze ceiling fans too.

The spare room/library. I also keep some of my scrapbooking/craft stuff in here.  

The rec/bonus room that opens up to the outside patio.
We have a large table for homeschooling, crafts or just for eating during the super bowl. LOL

 Another view of the spare room. The futon can also be set up into a couch.
We just had family in and plan to have more in next weekend. So right now it is in bed mode.

We really enjoy this space much better now.

Computer Hutch repurposed for Scrapbooking

I had this old computer hutch. I decided to repurpose it for my scrapbooking supplies.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Capturing a rainbow

Captured this rainbow yesterday afternoon on the Iphone 4. I enhanced the colors some-and you can see the faint double rainbow above.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bass Master Elite Series

Gary was a Bass Marshall in the Bass Masters Elite series this year-which was held on Douglas Lake. Day 1 he rode with Britt Meyers (who ended up winning the tournament.) Day 2 he rode with J. Todd Tucker and Day 3 he was with David Walker.

Here he is on day 1 with Britt Meyers.

Lexi with Brandon Card (Rookie of the year.)

Peyton getting a picture signed by Kevin Van Dam
The picture was when Peyton was younger and went to the Bass Masters Classic.

J. Todd Tucker signing a picture.

Local pro Ott Defoe

Lexi with Shaw Grigsby.

Gary on Day 2 with J. Todd Tucker

Gary this morning with David Walker.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

School’s out for summer (Well sort of.)

Well we have officially ended our school year. Both the kids still have a few lessons of Language Arts to finish. (The lessons are 180 days long, and field trips, 4H and other activities took us away.) So they are finishing those up. Then they will maintain 2 days a week of math review.

It is nice to be off. This week we met some friends at the park. (It has been a while since we have been there.) And we had a great time.

We have a few summer day camps lined up for the kids. Peyton will go to BOLD camp in June, they will both attend the Jr. Ranger Nature Camp in June. In July Lexi is going to Dance camp. And they will attend a couple VBS’s as well.