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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

End of Summer Break

Last week we had our “End of Summer Break” even though the temperatures here are already Fall like. Since it wasn’t officially Fall until Friday.

While we were able to do fun things during the day, still had all our afternoon activities.

Monday we took time to give the house a good cleaning. Tuesday we did a little more house cleaning, and just spent the day at home, and at afternoon activities. Wednesday we had our Family Fun Day. We decided to do it this week because attractions in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg were offering great discounts for homeschoolers. We had a great day out. It was even better because most people were at work and other kids were in public school so we really had the attractions to ourselves, and the other few families that showed up.

This is one of the many beautiful fall decorations in Sevier County. All through the County they place decorations for Fall.


We took time for Lexi to visit a couple Doll Clothes Stores.


The first attraction we went to was “The Tomb”. There are fun puzzles, and things to go through in this adventure.


The Kids in Gatlinburg in front of one of the “Official Pace Cars”.


We also went to the 5D Shootem Up Theater in Gatlinburg. While we thought it was lots of fun. The standard pricing is pretty high. I am glad we were able to go at a fraction of the normal cost. In the Theater they play 2 different short films. The first is a pirate film. You are riding on a “horse” and the horse moves, while you try to shoot at the various targets. You gain points by hitting the targets. The 2nd show was a western show. Both shows are animated.

Here we are at “The Track”. This is an attraction in Pigeon Forge. We had bumper boat water wars. (We all lost.) Since we all came out pretty soaked!


The Track also has 3 go cart tracks. So we rode to our fill on go-carts, and tried each track.


The Track also has bumper cars.IMG_0438

And Mini Golf-which was our last activity.



Friday we had a Homeschool Field Trip to the Pink Pig Pottery Studio. We made Christmas gifts.

Peyton working on “Papa’s ice cream bowl.”


I decided on a pickle ornament for our tree. (It will turn out glass green the assure me.IMG_0476IMG_0477

Peyton adding drips to the bowl.


This is similar to what his finished piece will look like.IMG_0479

Friday, September 14, 2012

Weel 7 complete. Next week is Fall Break!

                     Here is Lexi watching her Language Arts video. (Essentials in Writing.)
I love this program. It helps both of us!
Sequential Spelling

Lexi working on her Anatamy Journal

Peyton working on Math-Decimals

Putting away his work.

Just a picture of the school room/Rec Room.

Another View

Our school area, exercise room, and the kids tv/game area.

Lexi working on her art project.

Melted Crayons

Adding Embellishments

Peyton with his completed. He added fish, he thought the melted crayons looked like coral.

Picture from our Hike today. We have a Homeschool Hiking Club.
Today we took a trip to Laurel Falls, It was a beautiful day for a hike!

A view from the trail.

A snake we saw at the picnic area.

We are looking forward to a fun week next week.
While we are taking a break from traditional school, we will be doing some
fun trips as well as some educational trips.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 6 completed.

We have finished our first 6 weeks of school.

We switched to Sequential Spelling and I love it, and the kids really like it too. (They are able to do it and feel quite successful doing it. ) I know that Lexi is doing much better with this program.

We are continuing our other studies. Lexi began Essentials in Writing grade 5 this week. So now they both use this program.

They are still both using the Key To Series.
Peyton just finished book 2 of Key To Decmials. (Multiplying and Dividing Decimals.)
We are still reading Rifles for Watie, and now we know who Watie is.

I didn't capture any kids shots this week, but I did manage to capture some birds and I also found time to do a little digi scrapping.

A little wren on my patio table.

A hummingbird at my feeder.

A Ruby Throated Hummingbird.

Another hummer flying toward the nectar.